Sunday, 7 January 2007

Nick Griffin answers UKIP's questions

I just received this in my email:

Subject: David Noakes of UKIP asks questions about the BNP & Nick Griffin answers

This exchange brokered via a go between makes for interesting reading. Well worth a few moments of your time.

For by reading this you might begin to realise that what the media and Westminster politicians have been telling you is far from being the truth.

David Noakes wrote:

If the BNP would:

1. Denounce the Nazi's, the EU, and the Soviet Union as one and
the same threat,
2. Assure us that the legacy controlled by
John Tyndall and left by Lady Birchwood, who was a Nazi and
therefore pro-EU, has been spent or is too small to have
3. Confirm that no party funding comes from the EU,
Nazi sympathisers or other dubious organisations,
4. Show that the controlling party posts have been filled by fair elections
of the membership,
5. Confirm that the BNP stands for true
democracy, the English and British people, with particular
concern for the poor and disadvantaged,

Then I would view the BNP as electable.

David Noakes.
To which the Chairman of the BNP responded:

1) We have often denounced Nazism, Communism and the EU, though
never, I admit, in the same breath. But Mr. Noakes should ponder
on the fact that our own pronouncements don't necessarily count
for much, since even if we did as he recommends (and we may well)
the media and our opponents would ensure that our stance received
no publicity;

2) I think this is actually a reference to Lady Jane Birdwood, who
never left any money to Tyndall, and was anti-EU for all that she
was rabidly anti-semitic. The only relatively big money Tyndall
had was from a
supporter in the north east of
England, and not one penny ever
came to the BNP from the moment he lost the leadership election.
By dying intestate
Tyndall deliberately left it to his family. So there never was any
'Nazi gold' to influence the BNP, and most certainly not since I
ook over in 1999;

3) We have never received, do not receive and would not accept
funding from the EU - except for whatever would be due to MEPs
post-2009 (a large proportion of which will be channelled to party

4) I was elected leader by a large majority of the party
membership voting in a free, fair, secret ballot of all paid up
members, in which nearly 90% of them participated. It only takes a
member of five years or more to declare his or her candidacy, and
for that person to be supported by five
other paid up members, to trigger an automatic leadership
election. So despite the fact that all other positions are filled
by nominated by the elected leader, I would submit that our system
is more genuine
democratic and open than that of any other party. We are,
furthermore, in the process of passing policy-making and
endorsement over to a system where such things would be decided by
conference vote by Voting Members (a status automatically open to
all ordinary members on display of simple
and unbiased evidence of genuine commitment);

5. Confirmed - see our manifesto and statement of principles. I am
pleased to see Mr. Noakes' concern for the poor and disadvantaged,
because the common image of UKIPers tends to be somewhat
reactionary and pro-globalist,
and hence implicitly in favour of the exploitation or at best
neglect of this section of our nation.

As for electability, we have far more elected first-past-the-post
councillors than UKIP, so are clearly already electable. And even
UKIP's MEPs are there in part because the 'threat' of a BNP
breakthrough pushed Labour, Tory and BBC spin-masters into 'talking up' UKIP in order
to act as an unwitting safety valve

Monday, 1 January 2007

2006- A Year in Review

This is a post from my other blog called Central News.

Today we are having a look back at the year gone by.

In February Nick Griffin was cleared of two charges and the jury could not come to a verdict on the other two charges. Later in the year he had another trial where he was cleared of all charges. It was a massive victory for free speech.

In February, the same month, it was found that 40% of Muslims want Sharia law introduced into Britain.

In the very same month John Prescott decided to destroy local democracy by banning councillors from voting if they had an opinion on the issue beforehand which means that councillors could not represent the views of their constituents.

In March we found that nursery rhymes are being rewritten so they won’t offend anyone. Thanks to that we are now going to sing baa baa rainbow sheep. Just 5 days later a mayoress was stripped of her position after joining the BNP. While BNP members were being attacked, suspected terrorists were able to tour around the houses of parliament as guests of Labour peers. But what can you expect when our own government goes ahead and saves the lives of terrorists that kill our soldiers in Iraq?

In March it also emerged that the EU will get the constitution through regardless of democratic opinion.

In April the Lords successfully got the Government to back down on making ID cards mandatory but the government decided you will have to pay for them anyway in their own sly little way. This happened on the same day as it emerged that more than half of the voters in this country want Blair out.

In April Gordon Brown decided that he would rather send £8.5 billion to Africa than pay for our crumbling NHS or pay for more prison places so we can actually jail rapists instead of cautioning rapists. In the same month the government announced they are going to put a few safeguards into the Regulatory Reform Bill but can they be changed by the bill itself? Maybe they will do something good with it and actually allow people to pay their council tax with cash?

While Blair was saying that we won’t be going to war with Iran he decided that British troops were going to take part in war games with a target that looked just like Iran.

In April, it also emerged that voters were deserting Labour in droves and going to vote BNP with some newspapers expecting them to get 70 council seats.

Lovely Mr Prescott thinking that we definitely need more housing came up with the bright idea of concreting over peoples backyards for more housing space. No wonder he wanted this to happen as it emerged that we are the biggest haven for asylum seekers in Europe.

In May the BNP made their long awaited breakthrough by doubling the amount of councillors that they had including getting a load elected on Barking and Dagenham council. These councillors were to prove a real asset as just two weeks later Barking council announced that they are going to build houses which will only be for local people. The treason continued though with our government giving free mobile phones to failed asylum seekers.

In June it emerged that multicultural communities were less trusting and less happy. This happened at around the same time that David Cameron said that improving people's happiness is a key challenge for politicians. I wonder if we were happy when a criminal got KFC to protect his human rights or I wonder if we were happy about the government giving their blessing to forced marriages? Maybe they are right about multicultural societies. You had to think that especially when it emerged that Muslim police are more corrupt and that the government were thinking about giving amnesty to half a million illegals.

In August it emerged that Britain presents a greater security threat to the United States than Iran or Iraq.

In September it got even worse for local democracy when councillors were banned from voting on things not just if they held an opinion but if they owned something like a mobile phone and were voting on something like mobile phone masts. In the spirit of democracy 11 ‘anti-fascist’ campaigners targeted a teacher from Burton because he belonged to the BNP. In the spirit of freedom Muslims threatened violence in Australia after they were told to act civilised. In the very same month the MCB threatened Britain with terrorism. Threats weren’t too bad but Belgium received much worse when they had Ramadan riots.

The EU decided that it was time to change national boundaries and create trans-national regions. The EU also decided that workers could no longer decide how long they can work overtime.

In the same month the government gave 80,000 bogus asylum seekers amnesty to live here. The insanity continued when the government announced that they were going to fine cyclists £2500 for not having a bell. The country was getting weirder after the CBI announced that they were against large scale immigration which undermined wages while the unions were for it. Too bad the queen wasn’t thinking the same way as the CBI when she hired Eastern Europeans.

The insanity continued when it emerged that police could actually lose their jobs for chasing criminals. It didn’t stop there. A member of the BNP was found guilty of a racially aggravated offence despite the fact that a victim didn’t come forward and despite the fact the only witness wasn’t 100% sure of what was said. Of course the insanity continued. It reached it’s climax when the police decided to consult potential terrorists on the arrests of terrorists and when they decided the foreign prisoners that they didn’t deport were no longer a priority. No matter. Atleast the immigrants were taking priest jobs too. It’s just a pity teachers weren’t flooding in to take care of all the children that schools were too overwhelmed to take.

While our troops were fighting for freedom in foreign countries their families were banned from protesting in Manchester. In a further move against freedom it emerged that those constituencies that had not voted Labour would have their hospitals closed. Labour liked the feel of taking away our freedom so decided that serious crimes could be punished by £100 fines and no jail time and there would be no trial even if you were innocent.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian or not. In Bulwell you will be buried the Islamic way. Muslims felt the same with football when they decided that junior football should not be played during Ramadan because it might disadvantage their players.

September was a busy month for the idiots in government but October was the worst. Muslims were pissed after someone made a Mohammed bobblehead and the church decided that god might be a woman and shouldn’t be referred to as ‘he’ anymore.

In the same month prisons became full to capacity. The immigration crisis also started to get worse when it was revealed that 1 million more migrants might be arriving soon which made it not so surprising when it was revealed that immigration numbers are the largest in the history of Britain. Immigration also lead to English becoming a foreign language in most primary schools and TB becoming prevalent in London.

The EU also showed that they don’t know what democracy is when they passed a motion that most never voted in favour of.

In October Blair said that troops will get whatever they need but then we found out he was lying. He managed to slyly show that he wasn’t lying by renting helicopters off private companies. While Blair was lying through his teeth the head of the army was threatened with the sack after he told the truth.

Blair decided on an ingenious solution for dealing with the prisons crisis. He decided to let prisoners escape. Why they didn’t build more prisons is beyond me but maybe they wasted it paying for research into pockets. I don’t think they did because they managed to have enough money to pay prisoners to leave prisons. Blair was also releasing prisoners in droves and they were re-offending in droves.

It also emerged that diversity sucks after a scientific study found that diverse communities are the least trusting.

Common sense got a girl arrested after she asked to be moved into another group in her science lesson because she couldn’t speak their language or rather they couldn’t speak hers. We found out the police don’t have common sense when they decided to muzzle police dogs and make them head butt running criminals.

It emerged that alcoholics and drug addicts were being paid incapacity benefit.

In yet another waste of taxpayers money a council spent £10,000 on a ‘who said baa’ investigation. The NHS also decided to waste money by spending £300,000 on removing tattoos.

Bin men were turned into police after the government decided that they are going to let bin men fine you.

The EU was seen again. This time they were deciding whether or not we should have car lights on during the day while they were also deciding on how to murder tens of millions of animals. They also planned to seize British waters and make them 'common maritime space' and do away with the pint of beer. Why don’t we get out of the EU after all less than half of our trade is with the EU.

While the government were acting like clowns they were giving clowning lessons to refugees. While Eastern Europeans were undercutting Brits the government decided to stop anymore Africans from coming in even though Eastern Europeans were the bigger problem.

We found that Alqaeda was winning the battle of ideas with British Muslims but we decided to let more in anyway and the newspapers admitted that 50% of all victims of racial murders are white and most victims of racially motivated crime are white. In a similar story there was a victory for justice when the murderers of Kriss Donald were found guilty. In another victory for justice Nick Griffin and Mark Collette were found innocent on all charges.

The BBC finally admitted they were biased but we knew that anyway.

Labour decided that it is a rarity that they do their job so decided that those living in councils which do their job properly will be taxed more.

In November we found that 10% of crime was committed by immigrants. We found that antisocial behaviour caused by our teenagers is caused by family breakdowns.

Hundreds of young Muslims were found to be becoming radicalised.

Drug addicts in prison received a payout from the government because they were forced to stop taking drugs. This was while the government was banning smoking in public even though more than half of violent offenders just receive a caution. Police also decided they wanted to become just a little bit more fascist and ban people from causing offence. I don’t know why they would want to do that. Think of the paperwork involved.

Blair was caught lying to troops again about military equipment and we found that half of all boarder police work in an office.

While Mr Blair was lying to troops he was also charging them the privilege of risking their lives.

We found that Labour was acting corruptly when we found that council taxes were going into Labour party coffers.

This month despite MPs being incompetent they decided they want more money, £100,000 to be exact. They also decided to help migrants get more money by getting them to learn about all the different benefits that they can claim. While loads of people were entering it was found that 10% of Brits live overseas. Shock about immigration didn’t stop there. We found that 1 legal immigrant was entering this country every minute.

The EU was in the news again when they decided to close down a business even though their own court told them to re-open it.

The NHS decided to waste more money by giving people dancing lessons and trampolining lessons. People were getting angry at schools after it was found that they serve halal.

It was also revealed that only 129 of the 1013 foreign criminals had been deported. This is probably just one of he reasons why they have no chance of winning the next election. The other reason is that they are making people work as slaves.

The Guardian having been investigating the BNP for more than a year exposed the BNP as normal.