Friday, 17 October 2008

BNP come third in South Bank

Bernard Collinson, the British National Party candidate came third in the South Bank by election, being beaten by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Bernard managed to win just over 15% of the vote in a ward that we have only contested once before. The Hope Note Hate campaigners were out leafleting the ward a few days before the election so that could have lowered the amount of votes we achieved.

The BNP will now be focusing on other areas of Teesside in case of any other upcoming by elections that may happen in the future.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

BNP continue campaign in South Bank

The Kirkleatham by election produced results that meant that the British National Party never took the ward.

The BNP managed to get just over 5% of the vote with the Liberal Democrats taking the ward with over 1000 votes.

The fight continues as teams of activists will be campaigning all week in the next by election in South Bank where the BNP have a fantastic opportunity of making a breakthrough. The last time we stood in South Bank we managed to win 17% of the vote. With a little extra effort we can win it.