Sunday, 29 April 2007

Stockton finished

Today, the last ward in central Stockton where the BNP is standing a candidate was finally leafleted with the 'Where We Stand' leaflets. This means that ever household in Stockton should have had a leaflet.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

BNP take on UKIP

On Thursday Cleveland BNP successfully infiltrated a UKIP meeting in Stockton. Unfortunately 3 of the 8 spies were discovered. We think that they were discovered because they were the only ones not about to start claiming their pension.

The night was quite boring until it was raffle time. Our people were not happy with the prize that they won. Indeed, a balloon should never be a prize in a raffle especially when your audience are a bunch of 60 year olds. The Margaret Thatcher DVD looked like a pot of gold in comparison.

Our members managed to find out what UKIP were planning and we planned accordingly and today the first part of the plan began. 12 activists busily leafleted the whole of Roseworth Ward before lunch. The activists then met up for refreshments at a local pub and then leafleted Newtown ward. At the same time UKIP was seen out and about leafleting and driving about in cars with the UKIP banner on.

Within minutes of the leafleting finishing we received a phone call from an elderly lady who said she was definitely going to vote for us and she would help out a little the next time we leafleted her ward. She also requested a few posters to put in her window.

As was stated earlier in the week we also found out the plans of Labour and we found out that our intelligence was correct when our same spy came across them handing out leaflets outside Netto. Our spy had a chat with them without telling them who our spy was. Strangely 1 of the candidates wasn't even present and no one has seen him campaigning.

Friday, 27 April 2007

BNP leaflet Southbank

6 activists took to the streets and leafleted the whole of Southbank Ward. There were no major events except for a disgruntled elderly woman who came out of her home and shouted at two of the leafletters calling them “evil” over and over again before she went back inside.

The rest of the day went good with refreshments in a local pub and then off to leaflet again.

At 4pm James Mcpherson had a short interview with Radio Cleveland which will be broadcast between 7am - 10am on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Local paper not even acknowledging BNP candidates

It seems like our local paper, The Evening Gazette, has decided on a policy of going one further than the other papers who give have a ‘no platform for the BNP. Our Evening Gazette is using ‘No Acknowledgement of the BNP’.

In a news story today they mentioned the coming elections. Here is a quote:

Elsewhere, Eston is always one of the most keenly contested wards and 2007 looks no exception, with 11 candidates.

Going for the three seats are sitting members, Eston independents Ann Higgins and Vincent Smith, Independent Liz Beadle, Lib Dems Pat Todd, Colin Crawford and Carol Smith, Tory Russell Hutchinson and, for Labour, Beryl Dunning, Olwyn Peters and John Simms.

They say there are 11 candidates. Count them and you will find they haven’t mentioned the BNP candidate for the ward which is me (Wayne Burdett). At first I thought it must be a simple error but then I was told that it had happened before during the general election when they didn't acknowledge any of the parliamentary candidates even though the candidates sent in lengthy profiles of themselves

I have to wonder is this a ploy to stop people from knowing that they will be able to vote BNP at the election?

Monday, 23 April 2007

BNP leaflet Coatham

On Sunday 16 committed activists were out in force leafleting Coatham Ward. The response was excellent with interested members of the public asking questions about the BNP. The leafleting was done in good time which allowed the activists to start on Southbank before they took a much needed break in the local pub where they had drinks and talked about the day.

Our time is coming.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Village Ward leafletted

7 hardworking activists leafleted Village Ward in Thornaby earlier today. The people of the ward were very friendly, some even came out to greet our activists and eagerly took leaflets to give to family members while others came out of their homes to discuss our policies.

The BNP leafleting teams have a long week ahead of them as they have planned a number of leafleting sessions, both during the morning and during the evening to make sure that everyone gets a leaflet so they know who to vote for.

Cleveland Labour group discuss strategy

The Labour Group today held a private meeting in the Labour club in Eston. Some notable Labour members were there including our MP Vera Baird. Our Spy tells us that the meeting started at 12 and went on after 1pm when our spy left.

Our spy tells us it was a very interesting meeting. Among things that were discussed were issues surrounding the Eston candidates. Apparently some of the candidates aren’t up to scratch…

They also discussed their general strategy. We can’t tell you any more except that our spy understands that they will begin canvassing next Saturday. The BNP is considering doing a rival canvas on the same day and planning our strategy to negate theirs.

In compiling this blog entry we would like to thank the spy (or spies) for all their hard work in finding out the information. We would also like to thank the Labour group for being so welcoming to our spy even if you didn’t know there was a spy.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Gather The Search Parties!

Police issued an appeal today to help them solve a "racially motivated incident" between a white nine-year-old and a five-year-old Asian boy at a play area.

The abuse took place in Summerhill Park, Hartlepool, when the bigger boy was with two adults, two other children, and two babies.

A Cleveland Police spokesman said: "The incident occurred when an Asian mother with her eight-year-old daughter and five-year-old son, while playing in the play area, were subject to racial abuse from a white male.

"This male pushed the five-year-old son over, causing him to stumble. Fortunately, no injuries were caused.

"The juvenile was in company with two adult white females, two other children aged between eight and 10, and two babies in pushchairs.

"The juvenile male suspect is white, is nine or ten years of age, of chunky build, with short bright ginger hair."

The boy wore a dark T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, while the women had their hair tied back and also wore tracksuits, the police spokesman said of the incident, which took place on Saturday at 5.30pm.

How do we know that this was a racist incident? Were any racist words said? How do we know that it wasn’t just simple bullying?

Monday, 16 April 2007

BNP launch manifesto

The British National Party has launched their 2007 council manifesto which can be read here.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

BNP field 10 candidates

In the coming elections in May the British National Party will be fielding 10 candidates, it’s highest ever in Cleveland. The wards where we will be standing in are Rift House, Coatham, Eston, Skelton, Southbank, Billingham North, Newtown, Roseworth, Stockton Town Centre and Stockton Village.

This election is particularly significant because the Eston candidate, a man of 19 is believed to be the youngest candidate for councillor in the United Kingdom in many decades, possibly ever. Wayne Burdett (19) was quoted as saying ‘In the last election the Labour party was annihilated in Eston after showing how utterly inept they were. The people of Eston placed their trust in the Eston Independents who haven’t actually done anything since they were elected.

Since the last election we have seen local bus services become almost none existent in some parts of Redcar and Cleveland and those services that still exist are either late or don’t turn up which is making it hard on the elderly and those heavily reliant on public transport. Is it too much to ask for a public transport system that serves the whole community which we can rely on?’

Wayne went on to say 'I think I am extremely likely to win especially when there are 11 candidates all splitting the vote. I guess I will just have to thank the Lib Dems for that'.

A spokesman for the BNP said ‘the BNP go into the election with high spirits and the confidence that we will win. We have already decided on a local manifesto which includes better public transport, an end to halal lamb which is served in all schools and a halt to anymore raises in the salary of local councillors which has risen by £3710 this year alone which is a disgrace and a slap in the face to all those hard working council tax payers who have to cough up more in council tax just to pay for their greed’.