Thursday, 28 May 2009

North Ormesby results announced

The BNP managed to come second in North Ormesby, behind Labour in a ward that we have never contested before. The BNP managed to get almost 20% of the vote. If this was repeated across the North East in the Euro elections then the BNP could take a seat in the European Parliament.

The final results were:

Len JUNIER (Labour) 549
Michael TRAINOR (British National Party) 175
David CROSBY (Conservative) 131
John HEATH (Liberal Democrats) 63

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

North Ormesby election on Thursday

Victory beckons in North Ormesby as election day approaches with our candidate expected to do very well if our canvas returns are to be believed.

This is the only election in Teesside before the European elections. Over the past two weeks, teams of activists have been taking it in two shifts to deliver leaflets and canvas in the ward. The activists have worked hard but there will be no rest for them after the North Ormesby election as they then will head to Hartlepool to help fight the Hartlepool Mayoral election which is to be held on the same day as the European elections. After that our dedicated activists can then rest for a few days before heading to Dormanstown to fight an upcoming by election.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Intimidation fails to stop BNP

Teams of activists have been helping out all week in North Ormesby in preparation for the coming by election.

A fantastic response has been gained all over this ward. It looks as though this is the best response so far with the majority of people spoken to saying that they believe what we say.

We have had such a good response that some of the local Asian community aren’t too happy about it. A team of 9 Asians converged on our stall which was manned by two guest activists from Durham (Kirsty) and South Tyneside (Scott). They mouthed obscenities and spat at the people behind the stall before the police restored order and gave the activists an emergency contact number in case it happens again. Unfortunately those behind the incident weren't arrested.

The incident didn’t deter any of the activists. There will be much more activism leading up to the election.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Busy few months for Teesside BNP

About ten activists attended to the day of action in North Ormesby in support of our candidate Michael Trainor for the coming by election.

The day started with the activists distributing Voice of Freedom newspapers to the people in the ward. After that there was a 4 car convoy around North Ormesby with BNP flags and posters to raise BNP awareness.

For Teesside BNP there are a few crucial elections elections coming up. After North Ormesby it is then on to Hartlepool where Cheryl Dunn will be standing for Mayor. After Hartlepool it once again onto Dormanstown where because of the death of another councillor there will be another by election which will probably be held in July. In April we fought a by election in Dormanstown and managed to achieve an admirable 16% in a ward that we have never contested before.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cheryl comes 4th

The Hartlepool election result has come in and Cheryl Dunn of the BNP achieved 4th place with 157 votes in a ward which the BNP has never contested.

The final results were:

Labour: 532
UKIP: 300
Lib Dems: 166
BNP: 157
Conservative: 102

Cheryl now looks forward to standing in the Hartlepool mayoral election on 4th June, on the same day as the European elections. Teesside BNP will also be contesting the North Ormesby by election just a few days before 4th June.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

BNP to fight two by elections

On Saturday more than 20 activists were out campaigning in Rossmere ward in Hartlepool on behalf of the candidate Cheryl Dunn.

The BNP activists covered three quarters of the ward with the final full-colour election address and canvassed about a third with more activism due to be carried out right up until election day on Thursday with Cheryl looking as if she could get a good result in a ward which has never been contested before.

After Hartlepool, Teesside BNP has yet another election to fight in Middlesbrough in North Ormesby ward where the election will be held just a few days before the European elections.