Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Intimidation fails to stop BNP

Teams of activists have been helping out all week in North Ormesby in preparation for the coming by election.

A fantastic response has been gained all over this ward. It looks as though this is the best response so far with the majority of people spoken to saying that they believe what we say.

We have had such a good response that some of the local Asian community aren’t too happy about it. A team of 9 Asians converged on our stall which was manned by two guest activists from Durham (Kirsty) and South Tyneside (Scott). They mouthed obscenities and spat at the people behind the stall before the police restored order and gave the activists an emergency contact number in case it happens again. Unfortunately those behind the incident weren't arrested.

The incident didn’t deter any of the activists. There will be much more activism leading up to the election.


Abu Abdullah said...

This post has been incorporated into my map.

Abu Abdullah said...

alanorei, please let me know the date and place of the assault on the young mother and her son following the intimidation of the BNP activists, which you mentioned on Martin Wingfield's blog. I would like to add it to my map.

alanorei said...

Hi Abu

Sorry for the delay.

The intimidation of the young woman and the attack on her young son happened in North Ormesby, Middlesbrough, in a residential area not far from the market stalls area where the incident of May 19th occurred. It appears that several incidents took place, between May 20th-27th. These included the gang of Asians beating on her door with baseball bats after dark, using threatening and abusive language, drenching her with a bucket of water on one occasion and driving their cars (blacked-out windows) at speed along the street in which her house is located. They did this while we were there on the 27th.

Abu Abdullah said...

The young mother's case has been entered into my map.

alanorei said...


I suspect there will be more.