Friday, 28 November 2008

Anti-BNPers fail to stop November meeting

About 80 people packed the venue on Monday for the November meeting to hear Nick Griffin and other speakers.

The meeting was overshadowed by threats to the owners of the pubs by government storm troopers and threatening leftwing loons. The first meeting place cancelled 3 days before the meeting was to be held after government storm troopers gave the owners a talk about licensing while others were making threats against the pub.

With only 3 days to go the meeting organisers were able to find another pub within hours and a Herculean effort ensued to inform people of the change of venue. The new owners also had a visit from the police just a few hours before the meeting was about to start ‘informing’ them that they have to advise the police when they hold political meetings on their premises. The owners were not scared off by this and allowed the meeting to start.

The meeting was opened with James Macpherson who talked about the leaked BNP list and how our fathers and grandfathers coped in the world wars. Alan O’reilly continued this with a talk on 90 years on from World War 1 which can also be read in Identity Magazine.

Mark Walker the Solidarity General Secretary was our other guest speaker and talked about Solidarity and told a humorous story about a crank call he received after his phone number was made public. The crank caller could be joining the BNP, well we might want him when he matures enough to stop doing crank calls.

At the end of the night Nick Griffin gave a questions and answers session which lasted about an hour. Everyone was impressed and almost £250 was raised on the night.