Friday, 24 July 2009

Dormanstown result

The results of the Dormanstown election are in and the BNP have come third. Our share of the vote has decreased from the April by election but this is to be expected after a determined UAF managed to spread lies and misinformation.

Members of Teesside BNP have reported UAF’s involvement to election officials and the matter is now being handled by them. The final result was:

Lib Dims--805 (52.34%)
Lab --515 (33.48%)
BNP -- 145 (9.43%)
Con -- 73 (4.75%)

Friday, 17 July 2009

Dormanstown Meet The Real BNP

Owing to the growing support in Teesside and the coming Dormanstown by election, a meeting was held where people in Dormanstown were invited to coming along and meet the real BNP.

The meeting was a success with many people coming along and asking their questions and some appearing as though they will become active in their area. About £50 was raised from paper sales, merchandise sales and donations.

This was the first advertised ‘meet the real BNP meeting’ and appeared to be a success. There were no opponents trying to disrupt the meeting. If our successes continue we will advertise many more of these meetings.

The Dormanstown election will be held on Thursday 23rd July and the BNP are looking to improve on the 16% achieved in April.