Tuesday, 15 December 2009

£60 million is not enough

Ex Railway worker and current Central Middlesbrough BNP Organiser Michael Ferguson opened last night’s meeting to save British jobs at Corus.

Over the years Teesside has been given promises after promises to regenerate the area and it has all come to nothing. The area is littered with false government promises. These include Digital City which only ever created a few hundred jobs and the Middlehaven project.

The government is frittering away money that could be given to Teesside to help regenerate the area. While this country faces cuts to public services we are still increasing our foreign aid and we are still paying £47 million per day to be in the European Union.

The £60 million that Teesside has been promised is not nearly enough. It represents less than £130 per person. What jobs will be created for that price? As you can see the government is not doing enough to help. How much difference would we see if instead of giving £47 million per day to the EU we ploughed just 28 days worth of our EU contribution into Teesside?

When Corus is gone how will Teesside recover? What will happen to the skilled workers that will be needed to build Teesside’s future? Already Corus workers are being offered the chance to leave an area where they see no future and go live in Australia or New Zealand . If they leave will we ever get them back?

Ex Labour member Pete Malloy was the next speaker. Up until 2006 he was labour member based in Liverpool but left after realising that Labour had become the problem as he believed them to be globalist capitalists and the only difference between them and the other two parties was the colour of their rosette.

He believes in local jobs for local people as it keeps skills in the area and means that those workers spend money where they live to keep the economy strong. The BNP believes in these principles. Pete Malloy then said that The BNP is more like old Labour.

He went on to contrast the aid given to Teesside to the foreign aid given out. He then went on to call for nationalisation of Corus and said it should have never been nationalised in the first place as it should be for the commonwealth of the people and not left to the decisions of politicians.

To get control of our own economy we must pull out of Europe and end immigration into this country and train our own people for the jobs of the future.

Mark Walker was next up. He called on everyone to join Solidarity for just £5 as you can’t rely on other unions to put your interests first. Solidarity will put your interests first and will stick up for your freedom.

The final speaker was Steve Finnan. He talked about the economy and how the country bailed out the banks for £850 billion which dwarfs the annual defence budget of £31 billion and which will probably take 20 years to pay off which will shackle future workers to high taxes and poor public services.

While we are in recession countries that never bailed out their banks are coming out of recession. Even if this wasn’t the case we still should never have bailed out the banks.

As the recession continues we will see more closures just like Corus as foreign companies will (quite rightly) put THEIR people first. We can already see this with Japan, India and America. It is time our government does something to protect our people and not get rid of public sector jobs in the middle of a recession.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

December News

Nine BNP activists today leafleted parts of Eston, Bankfields and Whale Hill. Thousands of leaflets were given out. People came out telling us what a good job we were doing and saying they would be voting for us when the time comes.

Michael Ferguson then informed us that he will be holding an emergency meeting in Middlesbrough on Monday 14th December at 7.30pm. The meeting is being held after news of job losses in Corus. Everyone is invited to attend. Middlesbrough Mayor Ray Mallon and local Councillors have all been sent invites and it is hoped that we can all put political differences aside in the fight to secure British jobs.

The event will be held in the Laurel Pub which is not far from the university. The time and place is being advertised as a goodwill gesture to show that if we all work together we can do something. We hope people feel the same way.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Central Middlesbrough BNP hold last meeting of the year

30 BNP supporters attended Central Middlesbrough’s 2nd ever BNP meeting with new Central Middlesbrough BNP organiser Michael Ferguson opening the meeting.

New Central Middlesbrough Fundholder Dave Scott began by talking about the rise of the local BNP. He talked about the rise in activism and the fact that they have never had so much support in the area. He encouraged the audience to donate just 1 hour of their time per week to help the BNP succeed.

He then discussed the Cumbria floods and showed the differences in aid between the victims of flooding in Cumbria and the aid given to foreign countries like India.

Michael Ferguson then gave a brief talk on the European Union and asked what an economically depressed area like Teesside would do with £47 million per day which we give to the European Union. Even though they get so much money they now want more to go to Eastern Europe to develop the fuel of the future. Teesside is known for its chemical industry so why not get Teesside to develop greener fuels for the future?

Cheryl Dunn was the next speaker. She is the Hartlepool Fundraiser and talked about her experiences of standing in elections including when she stood for the mayor of Hartlepool. She discussed possible fraud in the election which meant some BNP votes were placed with UKIP’s votes.

There was then a break with a raffle and buffet before Michael Ferguson gave yet another speech. This time he discussed how the new European Constitution and controls everything which past generations have fought and died for. The Bill of Rights was won after the Peasants Revolt. This will now mean nothing when the constitution comes in to force.

At the end of the night there was a question and answers session which the three speakers handled well.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The rise of Middlesbrough BNP

On Wednesday around 30 people attended the Middlesbrough BNP meeting which was opened by new Middlesbrough BNP organiser Michael Fergusson.

This was the first ever meeting in Middlesbrough town centre and is testament to the rapidly growing support in the area. The meeting was attended by lots of new faces who were happy that the BNP had finally come to Middlesbrough.

The meeting kicked off with Linda discussing the wonders of Sharia Law and showing just how oppressed people in this country would be if those marching for Sharia Law had their way.

The last speaker of the night was Kevin Broughton who showed how we can support our troops. He said it is free to send parcels to war zones so if you can afford bottled water you can send it to our troops. Sending letters will also keep their spirits up while they are away from home.

Friday, 25 September 2009

September BNP meeting

Around 30 BNP supporters attended yesterday’s Teesside BNP meeting with three speakers talking about a wide variety of topics.

First up was Kevin Broughton who talked about the levels of activism and how anyone can help out. He talked about how Teesside BNP was growing and told the audience that Teesside had grown so much in the last 12 months that more organisers had to be promoted to deal with different areas of Teesside. Before the European elections we would have on average 3 or 4 enquiries per week. Since Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons were elected this has increased to 30 enquiries per week.

James Macpherson was next up and talked about his work as regional elections officer and why Teesside has become too big for just one organiser. He went on to talk about the situation with the BNP at national level and the implications of a Question Time appearance.

The last speaker was special guest speaker Peter Malloy who was once a prominent member of Liverpool Fathers 4 Justice. He talked about the BNP’s policies on the family and adoption.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Dormanstown result

The results of the Dormanstown election are in and the BNP have come third. Our share of the vote has decreased from the April by election but this is to be expected after a determined UAF managed to spread lies and misinformation.

Members of Teesside BNP have reported UAF’s involvement to election officials and the matter is now being handled by them. The final result was:

Lib Dims--805 (52.34%)
Lab --515 (33.48%)
BNP -- 145 (9.43%)
Con -- 73 (4.75%)

Friday, 17 July 2009

Dormanstown Meet The Real BNP

Owing to the growing support in Teesside and the coming Dormanstown by election, a meeting was held where people in Dormanstown were invited to coming along and meet the real BNP.

The meeting was a success with many people coming along and asking their questions and some appearing as though they will become active in their area. About £50 was raised from paper sales, merchandise sales and donations.

This was the first advertised ‘meet the real BNP meeting’ and appeared to be a success. There were no opponents trying to disrupt the meeting. If our successes continue we will advertise many more of these meetings.

The Dormanstown election will be held on Thursday 23rd July and the BNP are looking to improve on the 16% achieved in April.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Group reorganisation

During the last few months Teesside BNP has experienced impressive growth. This has shown the need for Teesside to be split up into 4-6 separate areas.

Michael Ferguson will be taking on the Middlesbrough town organiser role. Kevin Broughton will be taking on the role of Middlesbrough and East Cleveland organiser. There are promotions for others too but they will be announced at a later date.

As well as a bit of group reorganisation there may also be more contributors to this blog so our loyal readers will be able to find out more of what is going on in Teesside.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Hartlepool mayor result

The Hartlepool mayoral results are in with Cheryl Dunn winning 1352 votes and coming 6th out of 13. The final results were:

Stuart Drummond has been re-elected as the Mayor of Hartlepool following the election on Thursday 4 June.

The first round results were as follows:-

Martyn AIKEN - (UKIP) - 1844
Christine BLAKEY - (Independent) - 204
Ian CAMERON - (Independent) - 4280
Stuart DRUMMOND - (Independent) - 5268
Cheryl DUNN - (British National Party Protecting British Jobs) - 1352
Lynne GILLAM - (Liberal Democrat) - 464
Jim GILLESPIE - (Independent) - 986
Barbara JACKSON - (Independent) - 461
Tony MORRELL - (Independent) - 1457
Iris Ryder - (Independent - 594
Chris SIMMONS - (Labour) - 2921
Alison WILLETTS - (Independent) - 564
David YOUNG - (Conservative) - 1092

Because no candidate received 50% of the first preference votes, the top two candidates Stuart Drummond and Ian Cameron went through to the second round and second preference votes for the other eleven candidates were then added.
This resulted in a further 1599 votes for Stuart Drummond and 1743 votes for Ian Cameron giving Stuart Drummond an overall majority of 844.

More information here

Thursday, 28 May 2009

North Ormesby results announced

The BNP managed to come second in North Ormesby, behind Labour in a ward that we have never contested before. The BNP managed to get almost 20% of the vote. If this was repeated across the North East in the Euro elections then the BNP could take a seat in the European Parliament.

The final results were:

Len JUNIER (Labour) 549
Michael TRAINOR (British National Party) 175
David CROSBY (Conservative) 131
John HEATH (Liberal Democrats) 63

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

North Ormesby election on Thursday

Victory beckons in North Ormesby as election day approaches with our candidate expected to do very well if our canvas returns are to be believed.

This is the only election in Teesside before the European elections. Over the past two weeks, teams of activists have been taking it in two shifts to deliver leaflets and canvas in the ward. The activists have worked hard but there will be no rest for them after the North Ormesby election as they then will head to Hartlepool to help fight the Hartlepool Mayoral election which is to be held on the same day as the European elections. After that our dedicated activists can then rest for a few days before heading to Dormanstown to fight an upcoming by election.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Intimidation fails to stop BNP

Teams of activists have been helping out all week in North Ormesby in preparation for the coming by election.

A fantastic response has been gained all over this ward. It looks as though this is the best response so far with the majority of people spoken to saying that they believe what we say.

We have had such a good response that some of the local Asian community aren’t too happy about it. A team of 9 Asians converged on our stall which was manned by two guest activists from Durham (Kirsty) and South Tyneside (Scott). They mouthed obscenities and spat at the people behind the stall before the police restored order and gave the activists an emergency contact number in case it happens again. Unfortunately those behind the incident weren't arrested.

The incident didn’t deter any of the activists. There will be much more activism leading up to the election.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Busy few months for Teesside BNP

About ten activists attended to the day of action in North Ormesby in support of our candidate Michael Trainor for the coming by election.

The day started with the activists distributing Voice of Freedom newspapers to the people in the ward. After that there was a 4 car convoy around North Ormesby with BNP flags and posters to raise BNP awareness.

For Teesside BNP there are a few crucial elections elections coming up. After North Ormesby it is then on to Hartlepool where Cheryl Dunn will be standing for Mayor. After Hartlepool it once again onto Dormanstown where because of the death of another councillor there will be another by election which will probably be held in July. In April we fought a by election in Dormanstown and managed to achieve an admirable 16% in a ward that we have never contested before.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cheryl comes 4th

The Hartlepool election result has come in and Cheryl Dunn of the BNP achieved 4th place with 157 votes in a ward which the BNP has never contested.

The final results were:

Labour: 532
UKIP: 300
Lib Dems: 166
BNP: 157
Conservative: 102

Cheryl now looks forward to standing in the Hartlepool mayoral election on 4th June, on the same day as the European elections. Teesside BNP will also be contesting the North Ormesby by election just a few days before 4th June.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

BNP to fight two by elections

On Saturday more than 20 activists were out campaigning in Rossmere ward in Hartlepool on behalf of the candidate Cheryl Dunn.

The BNP activists covered three quarters of the ward with the final full-colour election address and canvassed about a third with more activism due to be carried out right up until election day on Thursday with Cheryl looking as if she could get a good result in a ward which has never been contested before.

After Hartlepool, Teesside BNP has yet another election to fight in Middlesbrough in North Ormesby ward where the election will be held just a few days before the European elections.

Friday, 3 April 2009

BNP come third in Dormanstown

The results are in and the BNP managed to come third with 305 votes in a ward we have never contested before.

We were squeezed by the votes of the Labour and Liberal Democrats. In the end the Liberal Democrats won, beating Labour by 142 votes.

The final result was:

Ken Lucas (Lib Dem) - 809
Marion Fairley (Labour)- 667
Lynn Payne (BNP) – 305 (16%)
Barry Hughes-Mundy (Conservative) - 125

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Election Day in Dormanstown

Hopes are high at Election Day in Dormanstown as Lynne Payne looks as if she will shock the Labour party

Throughout the past few weeks there have been many offers of support and a few offers of a cup of tea.

Lynne Payne and a team of activists were out from 6am putting reminder leaflets through the doors of our supporters. All we need now is people to vote on this clear sunny day.

Tomorrow we will know the results. You will hear it here within a few hours of the results. If we win it could be after the long party…

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ken Booth arrested for friendly banter

Strange things seem to be happening in the North East of England with regards the British National Party (BNP) candidates standing in the forthcoming European elections in June.

The number one list candidate and leading community campaigner, Adam Walker, a Sunderland schoolteacher, is facing a further free speech hearing at the General Teaching Council (GTC) in Birmingham later this year after remarks he made on an internet forum critical of immigration and Islam. The second candidate on the list, Peter Mailer, has been arrested twice by Northumbria Police after complaints about politically incorrect material displayed in his pub in Warkworth, Northumberland, after an initial complaint by an off-duty top copper from Nottingham, whose identity still remains a mystery.

Now Ken Booth, who lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, the number three candidate on the list and the regional organiser for the BNP in the North East, has been arrested and bailed by Northumbria Police. It follows a complaint of 'racially aggravated' harassment by a muslim Labour councillor in the city, Dipu Ahad, after a recent election count at Newcastle's Civic Centre where Mr Booth polled nearly 30% of the vote in the closely contested Fenham by-election and came close to causing an upset in a seat that Labour subsequently lost to the Liberal Democrats, who also control the city council after decades of Labour rule. Mr Booth had also previously polled very strongly in Councillor Ahad's neighbouring Elswick ward last May.

Following the arrest, Acting Chief Inspector Sav Patsalos of Northumbria Police said: "When any such incidents are brought to our attention they are treated very seriously and we take appropriate action."

However, the actual 'incident' was bizarrely initiated by Councillor Ahad prior to the count, who was smiling throughout and which ended in a friendly handshake between the two men. Councillor Ahad then made the complaint a few days later despite the presence of numerous police officers from Northumbria Police at this important election count.

In response to Ken Booth's arrest, a spokesman for the BNP said: "The public can see what is happening and I am sure that in this particular instance, we, as a party, have got nothing to fear. People in the North East are sick and tired of this politically correct nonsense."

The 'banter' at the count was also witnessed by two female Labour councillors, one of whom is a muslim, and a researcher for the Newcastle Labour MP, Jim Cousins. A number of BNP scrutineers at the count also witnessed the good-natured exchange. The subsequent complaint to Northumbria Police by the muslim Labour councillor is seen as 'politically-motivated' by many in the city after the enormous amount of support Ken Booth and the BNP has gained recently in certain parts of Newcastle.

He has been bailed until Wednesday, April the 15th.

This was take from the Civil Liberty website which you can read here

Labour and BNP play games

Today was yet another successful day of activism in Dormanstown with over 20 activists taking part in some form of activism. Activists included Kev Scott and North East Regional Organiser Ken Booth.

It seems that Labour activists enjoy playing games which they can’t win. Ken Booth put up a roadside placard which Labour activists seemed to dislike. They moaned that we should take it down and when we didn’t they stood in front of it with a Labour placard. Not to be beaten Ken got another placard and stood in front of them and then the same Labour activists tried to stand in front of Ken. This went on until Ken stood at the edge of the pavement which would have forced the Labour activists to stand on the road and perhaps get run over by passing traffic. Unfortunately they didn’t oblige and went away beaten and demoralised.

Labour activists do look like they are in a panic. Vera Baird, the local MP was seen out campaigning for the Labour party but they could only manage seven activists against our 20. Fortunately we have only seen one lonely Liberal Democrat out leafleting and we have yet to see any Conservatives.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thugs try intimidation

You may remember Barry Towers – the brave man who stood up for his country and was sacked by Middlesbrough Football Club.

Barry is still campaigning and helping us in any way he can. Setbacks just make him more determined to support the BNP. He always has a BNP poster in his window so everyone can see his support. Yesterday cowardly thugs smashed his window in the early hours of the morning because of the poster in his window. These people are so cowardly that they had to wait for it to be night and with him in bed before they dared smash a window.

Barry said “this just makes me even more determined to fight for Britain. These cowardly thugs will not deter my love of my country. I will continue to spread the word and help our candidates in any way I can”.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Nick Griffin visits Dormanstown

The Labour Party was left shaking in Dormanstown with another 20 activists out campaigning and delivering leaflets.

The numbers that helped us show that even on a week day we can muster enough to scare the Labour party who could only manage to get 7 greying activists out on a weekend.

As promised there was another surprise for the shell shocked Labour Party with BNP chairman Nick Griffin giving Lynne Payne a helping hand with her campaign to become councillor of Dormanstown.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

BNP leave Labour activists looking shell shocked

Around 20 BNP activists travelled to Dormanstown for yet another day of activism, some coming as far away as Darlington to show their support.

The day started with a pre activism meeting in a car park where the local Labour party were also planning and scheming with their grand total of eight (8) activists who looked increasingly shell shocked as more and more BNP activists showed up.

The activists were split up into three groups, some manning a table top. The second group leafleting and the third group canvassing. The activists received a warm response with passing cars beeping their horns in support.

The local Labour group while concerned at the start of the day will be even more concerned when they find out what we have planned for Monday.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Benefits to asylum seekers exposed

A local BNP activist has exposed the benefits that asylum seekers receive courtesy of Middlesbrough Council even if their application has been rejected.

Asylum seekers get £40 per week for gas and electricity and another £35 per week per person towards food, clothing and toiletries. Failed asylum seekers don’t get money to pay for food but they do get vouchers worth £35 per week.

This means that a family of four gets £140 for food and another £40 for gas and electricity which means they get £180. That means in one year a family of four will get £9360. This is more than many British families spend on household bills.

Below is the information for you to see with your own eyes. From the first answer we can estimate that there are 33 asylum seeker families in Middlesbrough. If we estimate that each family is a family of four then the price for food, clothing and toiletries will be £308,880. If we add on the price of electricity and gas then we find that the price that Middlesbrough is paying for these asylum seekers is about £378,717.

Do asylum seekers and/or refugees get free top up cards for gas and electricity from Middlesbrough House or any Council owned property which is paid for by the council or another third party or government agency? How much can they claim per week and in 2008 how much was spent on this in Middlesbrough?

Middlesbrough Council is one of three providers who has a contract with the Home Office to accommodate and support asylum seekers dispersed to the Town. Utility costs are part of the support provision within the contract and fully funded from contract income. In general asylum seekers are allocated £20 per week for gas and £20 per week for electricity with a provision for additional funds if necessary. The payment of gas and electricity is dependent on the property they inhabit, some have top up cards, others receive quarterley bills . The Council's spend on Gas and Electricity in this financial year to date is £69,837.34.

What help is given towards helping asylum seekers/refugees buy food and other household products? Are they given any money or tokens towards buying anything?

Asylum seekers that the UK Border Agency has assessed as not able to support themselves receive money that enables them to buy essential items such as food, clothing and toiletries. Unsuccessful asylum applicants qualifying for short term support receive vouchers rather than money. For current rates of support please refer to the UK Border Agency web site at the following address:-

Thank you for your email received on 9th March 2009. As explained in our response to your request ref: 1186.3.1, details of financial support available to Asylum Seekers can be found on the UK Border Agency web site provided.

You will also find details regarding vouchers issued to unsuccessful Asylum applicants receiving short term support. The site provides information on what/where the vouchers can be used. I have attached a link to the appropriate web page on the UK Border Agency web site below. The UK Border Agency has set the level of support at £35.00 per person per week, which Middlesbrough Council issues on their behalf in the form of luncheon vouchers.

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Dormanstown day of action

A dozen BNP activists attended a day of action in Dormanstown in Redcar in preparation for a by election in April.

The activists split into two groups, one group leafleting while another group manned a stall and gave out over 100 newspapers and talked to many people who stopped and talked.

The response was positive with people coming to talk and thanking us for coming to Dormanstown. Passing cars even beeped their horns when passing.

The day of action ended at 2.30 with nearly all of the newspapers and literature gone and many promises to vote.