Saturday, 26 May 2007

North Ormesby leafleted

Leafleting isn’t just for elections which is why Cleveland BNP decided to get a head start by leafleting North Ormesby in Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough has the most potential yet we never stood any candidates in the area. We hadn’t even leafleted the area until today.

The day started at 10.30 with 6 activists – 2 women and 4 men leafleting the area in threes. Among the most adventurous places that was leafleted was a Hindu Cultural Centre and a police station – yes even the police deserve a few leaflets especially the leaflets on crime. It’s strange how they had two letterboxes but that just meant more leaflets for them.

At 12.30 the activists had a drink, lunch and a chat about their day in the local pub for an hour where they were joined by a 7th activist for the next part of the leafleting session. The day finished at 2.30 with only a few leaflets left over.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Teesside MPs vote to deceive

MPs have voted to exempt themselves from the Freedom of Information Act meaning that they won’t have to inform us how they spend our money or anything like that. They have placed themselves above the law. We should have the right to know what our money is being spent on.

How did your MP vote? Read this to see how your MP voted.

MPs for Teesside stand up for our right to know. They either never even bothered to turn up to vote or voted for the bill. Those that didn’t even bother to turn up were Ashok Kumar, Vera Baird, Frank Cook and Iain Wright.

Dari Taylor and Stuart Bell both voted for the bill.

Remember these people work for you and are paid by your money that they take through taxes. You should have every right to know how they spend it. They forget that the time will come where we can punish them at the ballot box. Hopefully they will regret their act of betrayal.

Branch meeting held

More than 40 members and supporters attended the first post election branch meeting on Thursday. Can you spot the skin head? We can’t. This is what normal members of the BNP look like:

Before the meeting began BNP merchandise were on sale. Lots of merchandise was bought from books to T-shirts.

The meeting began with a speech from James MacPherson who is the Stockton organiser and Regional Elections Officer. He talked about the election and our fantastic results. He reminded the audience that in one year there will be elections in Hartlepool and the BNP will be ready but need money and committed activists to take Hartlepool. Ronnie Bage will be standing like he did this time. Achieving 17% of the vote we think we can win the ward but we need money and activists.

After James we had another speech by Andrew Harris who was the Teesside organiser for many years but handed the title over to Ron Armes. Andrew talked about when he joined in 1999. There were only 3 members in the whole of Teesside. He took the leadership role and built it into an area that has many more members, so many that instead of having only 3 members Teesside now has 3 separate branches giving each area it’s own leader and the ability to focus on the area. We expect to increase the branches to 5 within 2 years if all goes to plan. Infact we already have someone interested in starting a Redcar branch and moving Redcar forward.

After Andy finished, the audience were directed to the small buffet which everyone seemed to enjoy. During the break a collection was also taken with many people contributing.

After the break a raffle was held. First prize was a framed picture of St George and second prize was a bottle of wine and torch.

After that speeches and the raffle we had a BNP quiz. Team Infidels beat everyone and won £20 prize money which they donated half of to the BNP.

Once the quiz ended Alan O’Reilly gave the last of the speeches lasting 20 minutes talking about the issues we face today including the EU, Islam and uncontrolled immigration.

At the end of the night the money raised was counted and the audience was told that they raised around £200 for Teesside BNP through the quiz, raffle and donations. Considering that there were only 40 members and supporters attending which is a considerable amount meaning that on average each person gave £5. £5 is all it takes to win our country back. How will you be helping to win Britain back?

Monday, 7 May 2007

Result analysis

Analysing the results in Redcar and Cleveland we have found that our results were better than expected. In 3 wards we faced challenges from the Liberal Democrats. In 2 out of 3 wards we beat them. In 4 wards we faced a challenge from the Conservatives and we beat them in 3 wards.

Things were even better than first thought when we found that in Southbank 17% of the electorate voted BNP but sadly people were allowed 3 votes which put our overall vote down to 7%. If people stuck with 1 vote the race could have been a very close, it may have even been to close to call.

The results weren’t so good in Stockton we faced UKIP 3 times beating them twice. We faced the Liberal Democrats once and unfortunately lost once. We faced the Conservatives 5 times beating them twice. In an area which the Labour party is strong we went up against them 5 times and lost 5 times.

Things weren’t all bad in Stockton. In Stockton Town Centre we came third but unfortunately it was a two seat ward. The lack of success in Stockton can be placed at the fact that UKIP and strong independents split the vote in many areas.

Friday, 4 May 2007

No BNP councillors elected

All results except 1 ward are finally in and unfortunately we never won any council seats. It was a bit disappointing but most of the wards that we stood in we were fighting for the very first time and for our first time we did well.

Coatham (2):
Theresa Cave (Lab), 305
*Josie Crawford (Lib Dem), 415
*Irene Curr (Lib Dem), 327
Edward Dolan (Ind), 289
Paul Harrison (BNP), 137
David Taylerson (Con), 113
*Peter Todd (Lab), 260
Jimmy Willis (Ind) 285

Eston (3):

Liz Beadle (Ind), 841
Wayne Burdett (BNP), 174
Colin Crawford (Lib Dem) 86 Beryl Dunning (Lab), 780
*Ann Higgins (Ind), 890
Russell Hutchinson (Con), 113
Olwyn Peters (Lab), 857
John Simms (Lab), 812
Carol Smith (Lib Dem), 120
*Vincent Smith (Ind), 781
Pat Todd (Lib Dem) 67

Skelton (3):
*Brian Briggs (Lab), 1897
Kevin Broughton (BNP), 171
James Carrolle (Con), 672
Colin Harbinson (Ind), 354
Debbie Harbinson (Ind), 342
Stephanie Hinson (Con), 642
Michael King (Con), 667
*Dave McLuckie (Lab), 1752
*Helen McLuckie (Lab).1676

South Bank (3):
Dawn Castle (BNP) 249
Alan Green (Ind) 260
*Pearl Hall (Lab) 852
Dorothy Hutton (Con) 179
*Ian Jeffrey (Lab) 874
Gail Leggett (Lib Dem) 169

Richard Ovens (Lib Dem) 138
Alexandra Stamp (Lib Dem) 45

*Sylvia Szintai (Lab) 751

Newtown (3)
A Ayre (NIP) 347
PW Baker (Lab)* 565
B Gibson (Lab)* 620
S Hogg (UKIP) 131
D James (Cons) 87
G Mann (Cons) 154
R Parker (NIP) 369
WE Pickering (BNP) 189
BP Pugh (UKIP) 106

Roseworth (2)
J Beall (Lab) 972
B Inman (Lab)* 881
GH Parkin (UKIP 291
S Pugh (BNP) 155
M Smailes (Cons) 185
RW Smith (UKIP) 216
H West (Cons) 144

Stockton Town Centre (2)
RW Bleach (Cons) 169
DW Coleman (Lab)* 802
P Kirton (Lab)* 747
J Nunn (BNP) 202
B Richardson (None) 189
J Wellington (Cons) 162

Village (2)
J Chapman (Cons) 209
I Delgarno (TIA)* 969
M Eddy (TIA) 1066
B Robinson (Lab)* 552
WN Sinclair (BNP) 188
MG Stammers (Lab) 477
D Wardell (Cons) 195

While unfortunately we never won any councillors the results will allow us to plan our strategy for the next election so we know which wards we should be targeting.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Election Day

It is finally Election Day. In our campaign so far we delivered over 25,000 leaflets fighting 10 seats. Our enquiries are running at levels we have never seen before.

Our people are in high spirits and are convinced this will be a fantastic day for Britain. We will be victorious!

Unfortunately our council is counting the votes on Friday morning which means there won’t be any results on this blog until atleast Friday afternoon.

Vote BNP!

Imagine a country where we elect our leaders in free and fair elections where there is no vote fraud. Imagine these elected leaders having limited power over us because of a bill of rights, unable to impose their will on us by stripping us of our freedom.

Imagine a country where citizens have regular referendums on areas that concern citizens. Imagine if citizens were the highest legislators of the land and those elected could not over rule them.

Imagine a country where the guilty are punished and our soldiers are made to feel like heroes.

Imagine a country that puts the needs of its elderly before those coming into the country who have never lived here before.

Imagine a country where all citizens have access to free healthcare and vulnerable citizens aren’t left alone for days on end in hospital left to fend for themselves.

Imagine a country where those that have been living in the country for years get priority for housing so they can start a family and bring their children up.

Imagine a country that actually helps workers and not leave them to be exploited by wealthy businessmen whose only loyalty is to their money.

Imagine a country which hires people based on their skill and not because of their race.

Can you imagine all that? Do you want it? Vote BNP! The only chance you have of getting a country like that is by voting BNP. Tomorrow go into that voting booth and vote BNP and be proud!