Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ken Booth arrested for friendly banter

Strange things seem to be happening in the North East of England with regards the British National Party (BNP) candidates standing in the forthcoming European elections in June.

The number one list candidate and leading community campaigner, Adam Walker, a Sunderland schoolteacher, is facing a further free speech hearing at the General Teaching Council (GTC) in Birmingham later this year after remarks he made on an internet forum critical of immigration and Islam. The second candidate on the list, Peter Mailer, has been arrested twice by Northumbria Police after complaints about politically incorrect material displayed in his pub in Warkworth, Northumberland, after an initial complaint by an off-duty top copper from Nottingham, whose identity still remains a mystery.

Now Ken Booth, who lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, the number three candidate on the list and the regional organiser for the BNP in the North East, has been arrested and bailed by Northumbria Police. It follows a complaint of 'racially aggravated' harassment by a muslim Labour councillor in the city, Dipu Ahad, after a recent election count at Newcastle's Civic Centre where Mr Booth polled nearly 30% of the vote in the closely contested Fenham by-election and came close to causing an upset in a seat that Labour subsequently lost to the Liberal Democrats, who also control the city council after decades of Labour rule. Mr Booth had also previously polled very strongly in Councillor Ahad's neighbouring Elswick ward last May.

Following the arrest, Acting Chief Inspector Sav Patsalos of Northumbria Police said: "When any such incidents are brought to our attention they are treated very seriously and we take appropriate action."

However, the actual 'incident' was bizarrely initiated by Councillor Ahad prior to the count, who was smiling throughout and which ended in a friendly handshake between the two men. Councillor Ahad then made the complaint a few days later despite the presence of numerous police officers from Northumbria Police at this important election count.

In response to Ken Booth's arrest, a spokesman for the BNP said: "The public can see what is happening and I am sure that in this particular instance, we, as a party, have got nothing to fear. People in the North East are sick and tired of this politically correct nonsense."

The 'banter' at the count was also witnessed by two female Labour councillors, one of whom is a muslim, and a researcher for the Newcastle Labour MP, Jim Cousins. A number of BNP scrutineers at the count also witnessed the good-natured exchange. The subsequent complaint to Northumbria Police by the muslim Labour councillor is seen as 'politically-motivated' by many in the city after the enormous amount of support Ken Booth and the BNP has gained recently in certain parts of Newcastle.

He has been bailed until Wednesday, April the 15th.

This was take from the Civil Liberty website which you can read here

Labour and BNP play games

Today was yet another successful day of activism in Dormanstown with over 20 activists taking part in some form of activism. Activists included Kev Scott and North East Regional Organiser Ken Booth.

It seems that Labour activists enjoy playing games which they can’t win. Ken Booth put up a roadside placard which Labour activists seemed to dislike. They moaned that we should take it down and when we didn’t they stood in front of it with a Labour placard. Not to be beaten Ken got another placard and stood in front of them and then the same Labour activists tried to stand in front of Ken. This went on until Ken stood at the edge of the pavement which would have forced the Labour activists to stand on the road and perhaps get run over by passing traffic. Unfortunately they didn’t oblige and went away beaten and demoralised.

Labour activists do look like they are in a panic. Vera Baird, the local MP was seen out campaigning for the Labour party but they could only manage seven activists against our 20. Fortunately we have only seen one lonely Liberal Democrat out leafleting and we have yet to see any Conservatives.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thugs try intimidation

You may remember Barry Towers – the brave man who stood up for his country and was sacked by Middlesbrough Football Club.

Barry is still campaigning and helping us in any way he can. Setbacks just make him more determined to support the BNP. He always has a BNP poster in his window so everyone can see his support. Yesterday cowardly thugs smashed his window in the early hours of the morning because of the poster in his window. These people are so cowardly that they had to wait for it to be night and with him in bed before they dared smash a window.

Barry said “this just makes me even more determined to fight for Britain. These cowardly thugs will not deter my love of my country. I will continue to spread the word and help our candidates in any way I can”.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Nick Griffin visits Dormanstown

The Labour Party was left shaking in Dormanstown with another 20 activists out campaigning and delivering leaflets.

The numbers that helped us show that even on a week day we can muster enough to scare the Labour party who could only manage to get 7 greying activists out on a weekend.

As promised there was another surprise for the shell shocked Labour Party with BNP chairman Nick Griffin giving Lynne Payne a helping hand with her campaign to become councillor of Dormanstown.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

BNP leave Labour activists looking shell shocked

Around 20 BNP activists travelled to Dormanstown for yet another day of activism, some coming as far away as Darlington to show their support.

The day started with a pre activism meeting in a car park where the local Labour party were also planning and scheming with their grand total of eight (8) activists who looked increasingly shell shocked as more and more BNP activists showed up.

The activists were split up into three groups, some manning a table top. The second group leafleting and the third group canvassing. The activists received a warm response with passing cars beeping their horns in support.

The local Labour group while concerned at the start of the day will be even more concerned when they find out what we have planned for Monday.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Benefits to asylum seekers exposed

A local BNP activist has exposed the benefits that asylum seekers receive courtesy of Middlesbrough Council even if their application has been rejected.

Asylum seekers get £40 per week for gas and electricity and another £35 per week per person towards food, clothing and toiletries. Failed asylum seekers don’t get money to pay for food but they do get vouchers worth £35 per week.

This means that a family of four gets £140 for food and another £40 for gas and electricity which means they get £180. That means in one year a family of four will get £9360. This is more than many British families spend on household bills.

Below is the information for you to see with your own eyes. From the first answer we can estimate that there are 33 asylum seeker families in Middlesbrough. If we estimate that each family is a family of four then the price for food, clothing and toiletries will be £308,880. If we add on the price of electricity and gas then we find that the price that Middlesbrough is paying for these asylum seekers is about £378,717.

Do asylum seekers and/or refugees get free top up cards for gas and electricity from Middlesbrough House or any Council owned property which is paid for by the council or another third party or government agency? How much can they claim per week and in 2008 how much was spent on this in Middlesbrough?

Middlesbrough Council is one of three providers who has a contract with the Home Office to accommodate and support asylum seekers dispersed to the Town. Utility costs are part of the support provision within the contract and fully funded from contract income. In general asylum seekers are allocated £20 per week for gas and £20 per week for electricity with a provision for additional funds if necessary. The payment of gas and electricity is dependent on the property they inhabit, some have top up cards, others receive quarterley bills . The Council's spend on Gas and Electricity in this financial year to date is £69,837.34.

What help is given towards helping asylum seekers/refugees buy food and other household products? Are they given any money or tokens towards buying anything?

Asylum seekers that the UK Border Agency has assessed as not able to support themselves receive money that enables them to buy essential items such as food, clothing and toiletries. Unsuccessful asylum applicants qualifying for short term support receive vouchers rather than money. For current rates of support please refer to the UK Border Agency web site at the following address:-

Thank you for your email received on 9th March 2009. As explained in our response to your request ref: 1186.3.1, details of financial support available to Asylum Seekers can be found on the UK Border Agency web site provided.

You will also find details regarding vouchers issued to unsuccessful Asylum applicants receiving short term support. The site provides information on what/where the vouchers can be used. I have attached a link to the appropriate web page on the UK Border Agency web site below. The UK Border Agency has set the level of support at £35.00 per person per week, which Middlesbrough Council issues on their behalf in the form of luncheon vouchers.