Saturday, 21 March 2009

Labour and BNP play games

Today was yet another successful day of activism in Dormanstown with over 20 activists taking part in some form of activism. Activists included Kev Scott and North East Regional Organiser Ken Booth.

It seems that Labour activists enjoy playing games which they can’t win. Ken Booth put up a roadside placard which Labour activists seemed to dislike. They moaned that we should take it down and when we didn’t they stood in front of it with a Labour placard. Not to be beaten Ken got another placard and stood in front of them and then the same Labour activists tried to stand in front of Ken. This went on until Ken stood at the edge of the pavement which would have forced the Labour activists to stand on the road and perhaps get run over by passing traffic. Unfortunately they didn’t oblige and went away beaten and demoralised.

Labour activists do look like they are in a panic. Vera Baird, the local MP was seen out campaigning for the Labour party but they could only manage seven activists against our 20. Fortunately we have only seen one lonely Liberal Democrat out leafleting and we have yet to see any Conservatives.

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