Wednesday, 30 April 2008

We can win in Hartlepool

The BNP is on course to win in atleast 1 ward in the Hartlepool elections on Thusday but needs your help to make a win a reality.

Our candidate, Ronnie Bage stood as a candidate in Rift House Ward last year, gaining 250 votes or just or just over 17%. This year UKIP is not standing in the ward so there will be no vote splitting. We have found that we can win in Rift House ward if 80% of the voters who voted UKIP last time vote for us and 130 people who voted Labour last time vote for us. With Labour declining in the polls and people seeing what a disaster Labour are for the country there is a real possibility that Rift House could be ours on Friday morning.

In Owton ward there is a possibility that we could win there too but we have never stood a candidate in the ward before. In the last elections there were only two candidates the Lib Dems and Labour. There are now 5 candidates with the Conservatives, UKIP and the BNP joining to battle it out. This ward could go any way. Presently the Lib Dems have the ward but they only have it with a majority of 22 votes. With an increased nationalist turnout we can win the ward.

We can win both wards but only with your help. All we ask is you get out and vote on Thursday. If you would like to do some last minute leafleting you can help out today at 6pm by phoning James Macpherson, our Regional Elections Officer on 07905-198426. Every little helps.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Can you help in Hartlepool?

We are now in the final week of the campaign in the Hartlepool local and it looks like we could win Rift House ward.

The battle continues as activists will be out every day this week pushing the third leaflet that we are using in the campaign. If you are a BNP supporter living in Hartlepool we could use your help. The more people we have leafleting the more of Rift House we can cover. If you aren’t helping, ask yourself why. Do you want the BNP to make a breakthrough in Hartlepool or do you want the Lib-Lab-Con trick to stay in control of the ward?

Monday – Wednesday leafleting will begin after 6pm so anyone who works can help out. Your country needs you. Will you let your country down and do nothing or will you put the remote control down and save your country? The choice is yours.

For more information about leafleting Hartlepool you can phone James Macpherson, our Regional Elections Officer on 07905-198426.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Protest to be rescheduled

While the protest march was cancelled some patriotic freedom loving people did turn up not knowing that the march had been cancelled.

While the majority of people knew about it some people travelled from as far away as Darlington to join the march and register their disgust at the sacking of Barry Towers by Middlesbrough Football Club.

The protest is being rescheduled and it looks like it could be held sometime in mid May but it will probably just be a protest and not a march owing to the huge amount of paperwork that needs to be handed in and the cost of a march.

So far over 500 people have signed the petition in Middlesbrough town while only 131 have signed the online petition. The petition will still continue until the rescheduled protest.

You can sign the petition here.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Red tape gets march cancelled

The Saint Georges Day protest over the sacking of Barry Towers has been cancelled after the police stepped in to stop it citing problems with health and safety.

Teesside BNP has chosen to reorganise the protest until sometime in May so that they can concentrate BNP resources into fighting the elections in Hartlepool. The police have decided to overwhelm us with paperwork if we decide to go ahead with a protest in May. This includes risk assessments and employing our own stewards to help with security. As there is an election coming up Teesside BNP coffers are empty so it will be difficult to employ our own stewards.

Barry will tomorrow go to the stadium with two friends and attempt to hand in the petition as it is. The petition will be ongoing until the reorganised protest but it would be a great help if people could sign it today so Middlesbrough Football Club know the strength of the support behind Barry.

You can sign the petition here.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Election campaign moves forward

The Hartlepool election campaign is going from strength to strength with both target wards having been leafleted atleast once.

Rift House ward has so far been leafleted twice with Owton ward leafleted once. Still Hartlepool BNP will not just leave it at that. The hardworking BNP activists intend to be out there nearly every day up until the election spreading the message of hope.

On Thursday Hartlepool BNP will start the canvassing phase of the campaign to get BNP councillors elected. The more activists there are the more we can spread the message. Anyone wishing to help out in the campaign is asked to contact James MacPherson on 07905-198426.

Arrangements made for protest march

The final arrangements for the Saint Georges day protest march have been and the local media have been informed.

The march will start on Wednesday at 10am from Albert Park and the marchers will make their way to Middlesbrough Football stadium. Those that want to meet nearer the venue or want more information can call Barry Towers on 07757267624.

At Middlesbrough Football Stadium the petition will be handed in. There is still time to sign the petition by clicking here. So far hundreds have signed the offline petition and the online petition is lagging behind with only129 signing it so far.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Smear campaign launched against Hartlepool BNP

The establishment parties have pulled out all the stops in Hartlepool as the chance of a BNP candidate being elected grows.

Earlier today 13 activists were out leafleting in Rift House and Owton wards. During the day they noticed that the establishment parties were getting panicky because there were Reds out on the street putting out anti BNP smear leaflets to stop the BNP from winning a first council ward in Hartlepool. According to some residents it hasn’t had much effect on the way that they will be voting.

The build up to the election is still going well even if a smear campaign has started against us. So far over 60% of Rift House ward and 40% of Owton ward has been covered in the run up to the election with more to be covered in the next few days.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Activists leaflet Hartlepool

Ten activists spent 4 hours in Hartlepool leafleting Rift House ward in preparation for the council elections in May.

Ronnie Bage, the candidate in the forthcoming election received widespread support whilst leafleting and is looking to increase his vote from 17.4% which he received in the last council election. The last election placed him third, just 42 votes short of the second place Liberal Democrats.

The BNP are even more confident of maintaining the momentum this time around as there are less candidates standing, owing to the declining UKIP not fielding a candidate.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Hundreds sign petition in Middlesbrough

Hundreds of freedom supporters signed a petition to get Middlesbrough Football Club to reinstate Barry Towers after he was sacked for his political beliefs.

Barry Towers went out alone in an increasingly multicultural area and managed to gather 300 signatures in just over 4 hours. This amazing support meant that Barry had 1 person signing his petition every 48 seconds. Such level of support is amazing and shows that people are starting to stand up for people who are persecuted for their political beliefs. Many people said they will also show their support by coming to the protest march.

The online petition has so far gathered 58 signatures and includes supporters of freedom from places like Equatorial Guinea, Germany, Ireland and Australia. James Ascot of Melbourne, Australia said “As an overseas fan of Boro I am ashamed of this action. No matter a persons political party to fire them from their job is a shamefull as fascistic act.”

You can still sign the petition here.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Help Barry get his job back!

Barry Towers, the brave man who was sacked by Middlesbrough Football Club has decided to fight on and is asking freedom loving people to help.

The Local branch of the British National Party has created a petition and is asking those concerned to sign it and be willing to attend a Saint Georges Day march where the petition will be delivered to the Boro stadium.

Those wanting more information about the march or just want to wish Barry well are asked to contact him at 07757267624.

You can sign the online version of the petition here and you can contact Middlesbrough Football Club a number of ways all of which are listed here.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Fantastic election results gets BNP candidate sacked

The BNP showed impressive progress in two Middlesbrough by elections, each gaining around 11% in wards that the BNP have never stood in before.

While the results were a boost for the party, winning an impressive amount of votes in an increasingly enriched area, it has cost one candidate, Barry Towers his job after Middlesbrough Football Club sacked him as a steward after daring to stand up for his country. It is a shame that the club has taken this action but Barry has vowed to fight the sacking and is appealing against it with the help of the Solidarity trade union.

Since standing, Barry has become a bit of a celebrity in the town. He has been given so much support that he has organised a weekly chat with people who want to know more. This resulted in 3 ex employees of Cineworld coming to him for help after they were sacked and replaced by Eastern Europeans. Barry joined the picket and demonstrated against the treacherous sacking of these 3 hard working employees.