Saturday, 19 April 2008

Smear campaign launched against Hartlepool BNP

The establishment parties have pulled out all the stops in Hartlepool as the chance of a BNP candidate being elected grows.

Earlier today 13 activists were out leafleting in Rift House and Owton wards. During the day they noticed that the establishment parties were getting panicky because there were Reds out on the street putting out anti BNP smear leaflets to stop the BNP from winning a first council ward in Hartlepool. According to some residents it hasn’t had much effect on the way that they will be voting.

The build up to the election is still going well even if a smear campaign has started against us. So far over 60% of Rift House ward and 40% of Owton ward has been covered in the run up to the election with more to be covered in the next few days.

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