Thursday, 10 April 2008

Help Barry get his job back!

Barry Towers, the brave man who was sacked by Middlesbrough Football Club has decided to fight on and is asking freedom loving people to help.

The Local branch of the British National Party has created a petition and is asking those concerned to sign it and be willing to attend a Saint Georges Day march where the petition will be delivered to the Boro stadium.

Those wanting more information about the march or just want to wish Barry well are asked to contact him at 07757267624.

You can sign the online version of the petition here and you can contact Middlesbrough Football Club a number of ways all of which are listed here.


alanorei said...

Following Look North's report about the election of BNP councillors in Cumbria, I've emailed the programme.

It would be good if they were prepared to do a report about Barry.

The Green Arrow said...

I have reposted your petition post and was wondering if we could have more information on this story.

Do you have any links to a news story reporting it.

Also have Solidarity become involved. If not they should.

youdontknowme said...

I can't give anymore information than what is given in this story and the story below.

Solidarity have got involved and it isn't in the papers.

alanorei said...

No reply from LN, unfortunately.

This kind of story is probably not one where they would want to go.

However, I will relay anything that does come back.