Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Fantastic election results gets BNP candidate sacked

The BNP showed impressive progress in two Middlesbrough by elections, each gaining around 11% in wards that the BNP have never stood in before.

While the results were a boost for the party, winning an impressive amount of votes in an increasingly enriched area, it has cost one candidate, Barry Towers his job after Middlesbrough Football Club sacked him as a steward after daring to stand up for his country. It is a shame that the club has taken this action but Barry has vowed to fight the sacking and is appealing against it with the help of the Solidarity trade union.

Since standing, Barry has become a bit of a celebrity in the town. He has been given so much support that he has organised a weekly chat with people who want to know more. This resulted in 3 ex employees of Cineworld coming to him for help after they were sacked and replaced by Eastern Europeans. Barry joined the picket and demonstrated against the treacherous sacking of these 3 hard working employees.

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alanorei said...

Good write-up, Wayne, thanks.

It is to be hoped that Solidarity will do the business for Barry's sake.

He has made an outstanding effort.