Wednesday, 30 April 2008

We can win in Hartlepool

The BNP is on course to win in atleast 1 ward in the Hartlepool elections on Thusday but needs your help to make a win a reality.

Our candidate, Ronnie Bage stood as a candidate in Rift House Ward last year, gaining 250 votes or just or just over 17%. This year UKIP is not standing in the ward so there will be no vote splitting. We have found that we can win in Rift House ward if 80% of the voters who voted UKIP last time vote for us and 130 people who voted Labour last time vote for us. With Labour declining in the polls and people seeing what a disaster Labour are for the country there is a real possibility that Rift House could be ours on Friday morning.

In Owton ward there is a possibility that we could win there too but we have never stood a candidate in the ward before. In the last elections there were only two candidates the Lib Dems and Labour. There are now 5 candidates with the Conservatives, UKIP and the BNP joining to battle it out. This ward could go any way. Presently the Lib Dems have the ward but they only have it with a majority of 22 votes. With an increased nationalist turnout we can win the ward.

We can win both wards but only with your help. All we ask is you get out and vote on Thursday. If you would like to do some last minute leafleting you can help out today at 6pm by phoning James Macpherson, our Regional Elections Officer on 07905-198426. Every little helps.

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