Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Red tape gets march cancelled

The Saint Georges Day protest over the sacking of Barry Towers has been cancelled after the police stepped in to stop it citing problems with health and safety.

Teesside BNP has chosen to reorganise the protest until sometime in May so that they can concentrate BNP resources into fighting the elections in Hartlepool. The police have decided to overwhelm us with paperwork if we decide to go ahead with a protest in May. This includes risk assessments and employing our own stewards to help with security. As there is an election coming up Teesside BNP coffers are empty so it will be difficult to employ our own stewards.

Barry will tomorrow go to the stadium with two friends and attempt to hand in the petition as it is. The petition will be ongoing until the reorganised protest but it would be a great help if people could sign it today so Middlesbrough Football Club know the strength of the support behind Barry.

You can sign the petition here.

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