Friday, 25 September 2009

September BNP meeting

Around 30 BNP supporters attended yesterday’s Teesside BNP meeting with three speakers talking about a wide variety of topics.

First up was Kevin Broughton who talked about the levels of activism and how anyone can help out. He talked about how Teesside BNP was growing and told the audience that Teesside had grown so much in the last 12 months that more organisers had to be promoted to deal with different areas of Teesside. Before the European elections we would have on average 3 or 4 enquiries per week. Since Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons were elected this has increased to 30 enquiries per week.

James Macpherson was next up and talked about his work as regional elections officer and why Teesside has become too big for just one organiser. He went on to talk about the situation with the BNP at national level and the implications of a Question Time appearance.

The last speaker was special guest speaker Peter Malloy who was once a prominent member of Liverpool Fathers 4 Justice. He talked about the BNP’s policies on the family and adoption.