Saturday, 28 November 2009

Central Middlesbrough BNP hold last meeting of the year

30 BNP supporters attended Central Middlesbrough’s 2nd ever BNP meeting with new Central Middlesbrough BNP organiser Michael Ferguson opening the meeting.

New Central Middlesbrough Fundholder Dave Scott began by talking about the rise of the local BNP. He talked about the rise in activism and the fact that they have never had so much support in the area. He encouraged the audience to donate just 1 hour of their time per week to help the BNP succeed.

He then discussed the Cumbria floods and showed the differences in aid between the victims of flooding in Cumbria and the aid given to foreign countries like India.

Michael Ferguson then gave a brief talk on the European Union and asked what an economically depressed area like Teesside would do with £47 million per day which we give to the European Union. Even though they get so much money they now want more to go to Eastern Europe to develop the fuel of the future. Teesside is known for its chemical industry so why not get Teesside to develop greener fuels for the future?

Cheryl Dunn was the next speaker. She is the Hartlepool Fundraiser and talked about her experiences of standing in elections including when she stood for the mayor of Hartlepool. She discussed possible fraud in the election which meant some BNP votes were placed with UKIP’s votes.

There was then a break with a raffle and buffet before Michael Ferguson gave yet another speech. This time he discussed how the new European Constitution and controls everything which past generations have fought and died for. The Bill of Rights was won after the Peasants Revolt. This will now mean nothing when the constitution comes in to force.

At the end of the night there was a question and answers session which the three speakers handled well.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The rise of Middlesbrough BNP

On Wednesday around 30 people attended the Middlesbrough BNP meeting which was opened by new Middlesbrough BNP organiser Michael Fergusson.

This was the first ever meeting in Middlesbrough town centre and is testament to the rapidly growing support in the area. The meeting was attended by lots of new faces who were happy that the BNP had finally come to Middlesbrough.

The meeting kicked off with Linda discussing the wonders of Sharia Law and showing just how oppressed people in this country would be if those marching for Sharia Law had their way.

The last speaker of the night was Kevin Broughton who showed how we can support our troops. He said it is free to send parcels to war zones so if you can afford bottled water you can send it to our troops. Sending letters will also keep their spirits up while they are away from home.