Saturday, 6 June 2009

Group reorganisation

During the last few months Teesside BNP has experienced impressive growth. This has shown the need for Teesside to be split up into 4-6 separate areas.

Michael Ferguson will be taking on the Middlesbrough town organiser role. Kevin Broughton will be taking on the role of Middlesbrough and East Cleveland organiser. There are promotions for others too but they will be announced at a later date.

As well as a bit of group reorganisation there may also be more contributors to this blog so our loyal readers will be able to find out more of what is going on in Teesside.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Hartlepool mayor result

The Hartlepool mayoral results are in with Cheryl Dunn winning 1352 votes and coming 6th out of 13. The final results were:

Stuart Drummond has been re-elected as the Mayor of Hartlepool following the election on Thursday 4 June.

The first round results were as follows:-

Martyn AIKEN - (UKIP) - 1844
Christine BLAKEY - (Independent) - 204
Ian CAMERON - (Independent) - 4280
Stuart DRUMMOND - (Independent) - 5268
Cheryl DUNN - (British National Party Protecting British Jobs) - 1352
Lynne GILLAM - (Liberal Democrat) - 464
Jim GILLESPIE - (Independent) - 986
Barbara JACKSON - (Independent) - 461
Tony MORRELL - (Independent) - 1457
Iris Ryder - (Independent - 594
Chris SIMMONS - (Labour) - 2921
Alison WILLETTS - (Independent) - 564
David YOUNG - (Conservative) - 1092

Because no candidate received 50% of the first preference votes, the top two candidates Stuart Drummond and Ian Cameron went through to the second round and second preference votes for the other eleven candidates were then added.
This resulted in a further 1599 votes for Stuart Drummond and 1743 votes for Ian Cameron giving Stuart Drummond an overall majority of 844.

More information here