Friday, 3 April 2009

BNP come third in Dormanstown

The results are in and the BNP managed to come third with 305 votes in a ward we have never contested before.

We were squeezed by the votes of the Labour and Liberal Democrats. In the end the Liberal Democrats won, beating Labour by 142 votes.

The final result was:

Ken Lucas (Lib Dem) - 809
Marion Fairley (Labour)- 667
Lynn Payne (BNP) – 305 (16%)
Barry Hughes-Mundy (Conservative) - 125

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Election Day in Dormanstown

Hopes are high at Election Day in Dormanstown as Lynne Payne looks as if she will shock the Labour party

Throughout the past few weeks there have been many offers of support and a few offers of a cup of tea.

Lynne Payne and a team of activists were out from 6am putting reminder leaflets through the doors of our supporters. All we need now is people to vote on this clear sunny day.

Tomorrow we will know the results. You will hear it here within a few hours of the results. If we win it could be after the long party…