Friday, 11 April 2008

Hundreds sign petition in Middlesbrough

Hundreds of freedom supporters signed a petition to get Middlesbrough Football Club to reinstate Barry Towers after he was sacked for his political beliefs.

Barry Towers went out alone in an increasingly multicultural area and managed to gather 300 signatures in just over 4 hours. This amazing support meant that Barry had 1 person signing his petition every 48 seconds. Such level of support is amazing and shows that people are starting to stand up for people who are persecuted for their political beliefs. Many people said they will also show their support by coming to the protest march.

The online petition has so far gathered 58 signatures and includes supporters of freedom from places like Equatorial Guinea, Germany, Ireland and Australia. James Ascot of Melbourne, Australia said “As an overseas fan of Boro I am ashamed of this action. No matter a persons political party to fire them from their job is a shamefull as fascistic act.”

You can still sign the petition here.

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gatesofvienna said...

I signed then passed on to friends then finaly posted it at abandon skip Australia.

watch and listen to ireland explain EU STITCH UP...