Saturday, 26 May 2007

North Ormesby leafleted

Leafleting isn’t just for elections which is why Cleveland BNP decided to get a head start by leafleting North Ormesby in Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough has the most potential yet we never stood any candidates in the area. We hadn’t even leafleted the area until today.

The day started at 10.30 with 6 activists – 2 women and 4 men leafleting the area in threes. Among the most adventurous places that was leafleted was a Hindu Cultural Centre and a police station – yes even the police deserve a few leaflets especially the leaflets on crime. It’s strange how they had two letterboxes but that just meant more leaflets for them.

At 12.30 the activists had a drink, lunch and a chat about their day in the local pub for an hour where they were joined by a 7th activist for the next part of the leafleting session. The day finished at 2.30 with only a few leaflets left over.

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Anonymous said...

Good show folks. The BNP doesn't just work the six weeks of an election, we're there year round.