Friday, 4 May 2007

No BNP councillors elected

All results except 1 ward are finally in and unfortunately we never won any council seats. It was a bit disappointing but most of the wards that we stood in we were fighting for the very first time and for our first time we did well.

Coatham (2):
Theresa Cave (Lab), 305
*Josie Crawford (Lib Dem), 415
*Irene Curr (Lib Dem), 327
Edward Dolan (Ind), 289
Paul Harrison (BNP), 137
David Taylerson (Con), 113
*Peter Todd (Lab), 260
Jimmy Willis (Ind) 285

Eston (3):

Liz Beadle (Ind), 841
Wayne Burdett (BNP), 174
Colin Crawford (Lib Dem) 86 Beryl Dunning (Lab), 780
*Ann Higgins (Ind), 890
Russell Hutchinson (Con), 113
Olwyn Peters (Lab), 857
John Simms (Lab), 812
Carol Smith (Lib Dem), 120
*Vincent Smith (Ind), 781
Pat Todd (Lib Dem) 67

Skelton (3):
*Brian Briggs (Lab), 1897
Kevin Broughton (BNP), 171
James Carrolle (Con), 672
Colin Harbinson (Ind), 354
Debbie Harbinson (Ind), 342
Stephanie Hinson (Con), 642
Michael King (Con), 667
*Dave McLuckie (Lab), 1752
*Helen McLuckie (Lab).1676

South Bank (3):
Dawn Castle (BNP) 249
Alan Green (Ind) 260
*Pearl Hall (Lab) 852
Dorothy Hutton (Con) 179
*Ian Jeffrey (Lab) 874
Gail Leggett (Lib Dem) 169

Richard Ovens (Lib Dem) 138
Alexandra Stamp (Lib Dem) 45

*Sylvia Szintai (Lab) 751

Newtown (3)
A Ayre (NIP) 347
PW Baker (Lab)* 565
B Gibson (Lab)* 620
S Hogg (UKIP) 131
D James (Cons) 87
G Mann (Cons) 154
R Parker (NIP) 369
WE Pickering (BNP) 189
BP Pugh (UKIP) 106

Roseworth (2)
J Beall (Lab) 972
B Inman (Lab)* 881
GH Parkin (UKIP 291
S Pugh (BNP) 155
M Smailes (Cons) 185
RW Smith (UKIP) 216
H West (Cons) 144

Stockton Town Centre (2)
RW Bleach (Cons) 169
DW Coleman (Lab)* 802
P Kirton (Lab)* 747
J Nunn (BNP) 202
B Richardson (None) 189
J Wellington (Cons) 162

Village (2)
J Chapman (Cons) 209
I Delgarno (TIA)* 969
M Eddy (TIA) 1066
B Robinson (Lab)* 552
WN Sinclair (BNP) 188
MG Stammers (Lab) 477
D Wardell (Cons) 195

While unfortunately we never won any councillors the results will allow us to plan our strategy for the next election so we know which wards we should be targeting.


The Green Arrow said...

Thats the spirit Cleveland.

You and your activists have our thanks.

Sid Williamson said...

Yes. You do.