Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Vote BNP!

Imagine a country where we elect our leaders in free and fair elections where there is no vote fraud. Imagine these elected leaders having limited power over us because of a bill of rights, unable to impose their will on us by stripping us of our freedom.

Imagine a country where citizens have regular referendums on areas that concern citizens. Imagine if citizens were the highest legislators of the land and those elected could not over rule them.

Imagine a country where the guilty are punished and our soldiers are made to feel like heroes.

Imagine a country that puts the needs of its elderly before those coming into the country who have never lived here before.

Imagine a country where all citizens have access to free healthcare and vulnerable citizens aren’t left alone for days on end in hospital left to fend for themselves.

Imagine a country where those that have been living in the country for years get priority for housing so they can start a family and bring their children up.

Imagine a country that actually helps workers and not leave them to be exploited by wealthy businessmen whose only loyalty is to their money.

Imagine a country which hires people based on their skill and not because of their race.

Can you imagine all that? Do you want it? Vote BNP! The only chance you have of getting a country like that is by voting BNP. Tomorrow go into that voting booth and vote BNP and be proud!


The Green Arrow said...

Nice post Cleveland.

I'd vote for you.

Good Luck tomorrow.

Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

Brill Post Cleveland, I may ask to use it in new leaflets. Good luck tomorrow
Keep up the good work.

youdontknowme said...

Thanks. same to you all. I hope its a fantastic day for britain tomorrow.

You can use it in any leaflet you want.