Monday, 7 May 2007

Result analysis

Analysing the results in Redcar and Cleveland we have found that our results were better than expected. In 3 wards we faced challenges from the Liberal Democrats. In 2 out of 3 wards we beat them. In 4 wards we faced a challenge from the Conservatives and we beat them in 3 wards.

Things were even better than first thought when we found that in Southbank 17% of the electorate voted BNP but sadly people were allowed 3 votes which put our overall vote down to 7%. If people stuck with 1 vote the race could have been a very close, it may have even been to close to call.

The results weren’t so good in Stockton we faced UKIP 3 times beating them twice. We faced the Liberal Democrats once and unfortunately lost once. We faced the Conservatives 5 times beating them twice. In an area which the Labour party is strong we went up against them 5 times and lost 5 times.

Things weren’t all bad in Stockton. In Stockton Town Centre we came third but unfortunately it was a two seat ward. The lack of success in Stockton can be placed at the fact that UKIP and strong independents split the vote in many areas.

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