Friday, 18 May 2007

Teesside MPs vote to deceive

MPs have voted to exempt themselves from the Freedom of Information Act meaning that they won’t have to inform us how they spend our money or anything like that. They have placed themselves above the law. We should have the right to know what our money is being spent on.

How did your MP vote? Read this to see how your MP voted.

MPs for Teesside stand up for our right to know. They either never even bothered to turn up to vote or voted for the bill. Those that didn’t even bother to turn up were Ashok Kumar, Vera Baird, Frank Cook and Iain Wright.

Dari Taylor and Stuart Bell both voted for the bill.

Remember these people work for you and are paid by your money that they take through taxes. You should have every right to know how they spend it. They forget that the time will come where we can punish them at the ballot box. Hopefully they will regret their act of betrayal.

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