Sunday, 10 May 2009

Busy few months for Teesside BNP

About ten activists attended to the day of action in North Ormesby in support of our candidate Michael Trainor for the coming by election.

The day started with the activists distributing Voice of Freedom newspapers to the people in the ward. After that there was a 4 car convoy around North Ormesby with BNP flags and posters to raise BNP awareness.

For Teesside BNP there are a few crucial elections elections coming up. After North Ormesby it is then on to Hartlepool where Cheryl Dunn will be standing for Mayor. After Hartlepool it once again onto Dormanstown where because of the death of another councillor there will be another by election which will probably be held in July. In April we fought a by election in Dormanstown and managed to achieve an admirable 16% in a ward that we have never contested before.

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