Saturday, 28 April 2007

BNP take on UKIP

On Thursday Cleveland BNP successfully infiltrated a UKIP meeting in Stockton. Unfortunately 3 of the 8 spies were discovered. We think that they were discovered because they were the only ones not about to start claiming their pension.

The night was quite boring until it was raffle time. Our people were not happy with the prize that they won. Indeed, a balloon should never be a prize in a raffle especially when your audience are a bunch of 60 year olds. The Margaret Thatcher DVD looked like a pot of gold in comparison.

Our members managed to find out what UKIP were planning and we planned accordingly and today the first part of the plan began. 12 activists busily leafleted the whole of Roseworth Ward before lunch. The activists then met up for refreshments at a local pub and then leafleted Newtown ward. At the same time UKIP was seen out and about leafleting and driving about in cars with the UKIP banner on.

Within minutes of the leafleting finishing we received a phone call from an elderly lady who said she was definitely going to vote for us and she would help out a little the next time we leafleted her ward. She also requested a few posters to put in her window.

As was stated earlier in the week we also found out the plans of Labour and we found out that our intelligence was correct when our same spy came across them handing out leaflets outside Netto. Our spy had a chat with them without telling them who our spy was. Strangely 1 of the candidates wasn't even present and no one has seen him campaigning.

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Adam said...

I'm sure UKIP were steaming mad that you 'infiltrated' their meeting. Why infiltrate it? I think I know the answer why. Well let me tell you, theres nothing big or clever about taking another political party's ideas, adding a little racism, a little militancy and calling them your own. Hitler is dead. Move on...