Thursday, 5 April 2007

BNP field 10 candidates

In the coming elections in May the British National Party will be fielding 10 candidates, it’s highest ever in Cleveland. The wards where we will be standing in are Rift House, Coatham, Eston, Skelton, Southbank, Billingham North, Newtown, Roseworth, Stockton Town Centre and Stockton Village.

This election is particularly significant because the Eston candidate, a man of 19 is believed to be the youngest candidate for councillor in the United Kingdom in many decades, possibly ever. Wayne Burdett (19) was quoted as saying ‘In the last election the Labour party was annihilated in Eston after showing how utterly inept they were. The people of Eston placed their trust in the Eston Independents who haven’t actually done anything since they were elected.

Since the last election we have seen local bus services become almost none existent in some parts of Redcar and Cleveland and those services that still exist are either late or don’t turn up which is making it hard on the elderly and those heavily reliant on public transport. Is it too much to ask for a public transport system that serves the whole community which we can rely on?’

Wayne went on to say 'I think I am extremely likely to win especially when there are 11 candidates all splitting the vote. I guess I will just have to thank the Lib Dems for that'.

A spokesman for the BNP said ‘the BNP go into the election with high spirits and the confidence that we will win. We have already decided on a local manifesto which includes better public transport, an end to halal lamb which is served in all schools and a halt to anymore raises in the salary of local councillors which has risen by £3710 this year alone which is a disgrace and a slap in the face to all those hard working council tax payers who have to cough up more in council tax just to pay for their greed’.


The Green Arrow said...

Good Luck Cleveland.

Keep posing any news. We thirst for it out here in the sticks.

Barnsley Nationalist said...

Good luck to all your team..

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the elections in Cleveland.
We have put a link to your blog on our site. Could you repay the compliment?

alanorei said...

Just a note to say that leafleting in various wards is going well.

We encountered a young Asian gentleman, possibly a professional person on Saturday, in Billingham North, who came up to one of the leafleting team and handed back the leaflet (on BNP policies), stating "I don't want this through my door."

A little later, he returned two more, evidently collected from his neighbours (also Asian, I guess).

Muslims in the UK have envisaged forcing Britain to become the first European Muslim country from at least as early as 1990.

The BNP is clearly seen as a hindrance to this objective.

Many other ordinary folk in the area were happy to receive leaflets.

(To be fair to the Asian gentleman, he wasn't discourteous like the ill-tempered, be-whiskered Caucasian leftie (who looked a bit like Father Christmas, actually) on Durham Road in Stockton's Newtown Ward who insisted on handing back a generic BNP leaflet (the one about police bureaucracy) while mouthing a string of obscenities. There are some of them about.)

Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

Hi Cleveland from up North

Good luck for the election, and keep up the good work.

Its great to see the UK starting to unite, like we have had to before in times of national crises. The word and truth is getting out to the people.

I have added a link to your site can you return the favour

Cheers again