Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Local paper not even acknowledging BNP candidates

It seems like our local paper, The Evening Gazette, has decided on a policy of going one further than the other papers who give have a ‘no platform for the BNP. Our Evening Gazette is using ‘No Acknowledgement of the BNP’.

In a news story today they mentioned the coming elections. Here is a quote:

Elsewhere, Eston is always one of the most keenly contested wards and 2007 looks no exception, with 11 candidates.

Going for the three seats are sitting members, Eston independents Ann Higgins and Vincent Smith, Independent Liz Beadle, Lib Dems Pat Todd, Colin Crawford and Carol Smith, Tory Russell Hutchinson and, for Labour, Beryl Dunning, Olwyn Peters and John Simms.

They say there are 11 candidates. Count them and you will find they haven’t mentioned the BNP candidate for the ward which is me (Wayne Burdett). At first I thought it must be a simple error but then I was told that it had happened before during the general election when they didn't acknowledge any of the parliamentary candidates even though the candidates sent in lengthy profiles of themselves

I have to wonder is this a ploy to stop people from knowing that they will be able to vote BNP at the election?

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The Green Arrow said...

Ignore them Cleveland. They are the past.

Good luck in the election.