Tuesday, 5 February 2008

February meeting results in 2 by election candidates

More than 50 people attended Thursday’s meeting where two possible candidates were found to fight two upcoming by-elections in Middlesbrough. The elections will be held in March.

Sedgefield BNP Secretary Carl Whelpdale, the Solidarity Union President Adam Walker and his brother Mark Walker all attended as guest speakers. Adam Walker spoke about his experiences of being sacked as a school teacher for daring to stand as a BNP candidate and told how much support he has received from the school children and their parents. Mark Walker talked about his own experience of being sacked for standing as a BNP candidate.

There was another speech from Regional Elections Officer James MacPherson on the campaigns being waged against the BNP from groups like Hope Not Hate. He then asked for anyone that was willing to stand in the coming by elections to come forward which led to two people putting their names down as possible candidates. This means that the people of Marton West and Gresham will have the option of choosing a BNP candidate in March.

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