Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hartlepool BNP raise £1,300

Hartlepool’s General Election Campaign went off to a flying start on Monday with just over £1,300 being raised to help fight the election.

North East BNP Organiser Ken Booth opened the meeting talking about what has happened in the past in the North East and how in some wards the BNP have came close to winning council seats especially in Hartlepool where Ronnie Bage came within 57 votes of taking Rift House ward.

Jan Purvis was up next talking about her role as organiser of the women’s BNP group. She talked about how there are now there are now women’s groups in many areas of the North East including Berwick, Anwick, Morpeth and other areas. The women hold friendly meetings together and take part in activism.

Jan then went onto discuss how Islam and women’s right are incompatible. For instance the Qur’an states that in a court of law their testimony is worth half that of a man and if a woman accusing a man of rape she must have 4 witnesses to verify her story as women are classed as liars.

Jan then finished by talking about how the EU is taking away our independence and how Britain can be outvoted on almost any issue.

Hartlepool Organiser Ronnie Bage was next to speak. He said that “There has never been a better time for the BNP”. He talked about his experiences when he helped out canvassing in Jarrow. The response was amazing with almost every household that he canvassed saying something positive about the party. The war on terror, recession and thieving MPs has all helped push people towards our party. Ronnie Bage said “We must take advantage of the situation to get elected”.

Ronnie then discussed his experiences when he last stood at the local elections in Rift House ward. “Watching the count it looked like we were going to win it, you could see the sweat dripping from the labour mob as they realised that it could be over for them. Then the postal votes were counted and Labour won it. Was it fraud or just the reality of the situation?”.

Middlesbrough South and Cleveland Organiser Kevin Broughton was the next speaker. He started off by discussing progress in the rest of Teesside and suggested that activists should hit the smaller areas such as villages who hardly ever get a leaflet. As Middlesbrough South and Cleveland Organiser he has been doing the same thing and going to places like Staithes and is planning to leaflet other villages.

Kevin then informed the audience of a Middlesbrough fundraising event for the rest of Teesside on the last Friday of the month and said that there Middlesbrough South and Cleveland will be having a meeting on Tuesday (tonight) in a brand new venue.

Kevin then contrasted what Hartlepool is like now to 5 years ago. “5 years ago Hartlepool had just 1 activist and never had a candidate and now we have a room of 60 people here tonight as well as a Hartlepool branch that has become too big to be part of Teesside branch. We have a candidate who almost won in Rift House ward and is preparing to stand for Parliament. What has happened here in the last 5 years shows the dedication of all involved”.

Kevin said that the best weapon the BNP has are the where we stand leaflets which shows all you need to know about the BNP. “The Where We stand leaflets show that the BNP isn’t just a one issue party. The leaflets show that we have a diverse range of policies on issues as diverse as farming, the military and foreign aid.

The next speaker of the night was Pete Malloy. He talked about immigrants and said that “We can’t blame immigrants for coming here. If you were offered 5 times your salary for the job you are doing now you would go there. It’s human nature. We should be blaming the greedy employers and the white middle class do gooders who have let it happen”.

He then talked of the war in Afghanistan and suggested alternative reasons for the war such as peak oil. He suggested that one of the reasons for the war was for an oil pipeline in Helmand province.

Pete then talked about the BNP membership change and said “we had to change it. We had to be cunning so we could survive and fight on. It won’t change anything – we will still fight for British people”.

Ronnie Bage then closed the meeting with a questions and answers session on different issues including the membership change.

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iam said...

Good work, but I hope ya not dropping the leaflets while you're on the sick with a bad back Kev.