Thursday, 21 December 2006

The Guardian expose the BNP as... Normal!

It seems as if The Guardian newspaper is on our side. Well not really but they do give us a bit of good publicity and accidentally demolishes the myth that we are all poor knuckle dragging Nazis who want to see a bit more cooking of the average Jew. You can read their recruitment campaign for the BNP here.

While you’re on my blog I will give you a chance to read some of it:

Guardian reporter Ian Cobain joined the BNP and became central London organiser. He found:

· Encrypted lists of middle-class members
· A network of false identities
· The covert rulebook

Activists are being encouraged to adopt false names when engaged on BNP business, to reduce the chance of their being identified as party members in their other dealings with the public.

Wow. So he lied about being a nationalist and he was so good at lying he became organiser. Congratulations.

We have middle class members? Just a few weeks ago we were all poor uneducated racists. Yes I know we have middle class members. Two of the members of the Teesside committee are teachers.

I don’t know about London but we don’t have false identities when we are out leafleting or doing official business. If they have false names in London why is that a bad thing? BNPers using their real names would probably be fired from their job for using their democratic right to join a party.

A covert rule book? Ok what has it got in it?

The BNP has also been instructing its activists in the use of encryption software to conceal the content of their email messages, and to protect the party's secret membership lists.

That’s what BNP emails are for so outside people cannot see official BNP business. Why shouldn’t the BNP protect their membership lists? Shock horror! They are complying with the Data Protection Act something which The Guardian is not.

Party members are also employing counter-surveillance techniques, including the routine use of rendezvous points at which they will gather before being redirected to clandestine meetings.

Yes we do this. This is common knowledge so we don’t get leftwingers showing and trying to fight us. We just want a peaceful meeting. What’s wrong with that? Left-wingers do show up. Don’t think they don’t. I was once sent to a redirection point when Nick Griffin was going to come (he cancelled in the end). The leftwingers showed up, about 30 of them all chanting ‘black and white unite and fight. Bash the BNP’. When I found where the real meeting was I calmly walked out of the pub, stood over the road for a few minutes watching the demonstration which was a risk considering some of the demonstrators were in my college, one of which was in one of my classes. I waited 10 minutes then walked to the real meeting.

BNP activists are also now discouraged from using any racist or anti-semitic language in public, in order to avoid possible prosecution. In a BNP rulebook, issued only to activists and organisers, they are instructed that they should avoid acting in a way which fits stereotypes of the far right, and "act only in a way that reflects credit on the Party".

Wow! So members of the BNP are told not to be racist or anti-Semitic? I thought they were all racists?

In an attempt to achieve the degree of political legitimacy which it believes it needs to win more votes, the extreme rightwing party is attempting to establish itself in affluent areas of the capital such as Belgravia, Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

The BNP already has significant numbers of members living in those areas. They include Peter Bradbury, a leading proponent of complementary medicine who has links to Prince Charles, Richard Highton, a healthcare regulator, and Simone Clarke, principal dancer with the English National Ballet.

There are also dozens of company directors, computing entrepreneurs, bankers and estate agents among the 200 members and lapsed members living in central London. One member is a servant of the Queen residing at Buckingham Palace, while a number are former Conservative party activists.

So the BNP actually do have well educated middle class members. Who knew? Well just about everyone but let’s give the reporter a cookie for finding it out. You are also forgetting about the authors we have in the BNP but never mind. Atleast the nation now knows we have good members including members with links to the Royal family.

The reporter seemed to fool the BNP members who he talked to a lot. Here is his own account of what happened:

Basically he starts chatting to someone called Steve who was his first contact inside the BNP. Here is what Steve said to him:

"The whole world is pouring down on us," he said. "It's a huge problem, and it's going to get worse." Not that he is a racist, you understand - "I'm on the liberal wing of the party ... most of the people in the party are" - and he doesn't blame the immigrants themselves - "if I was a 19-year-old Kurd, I'd be trying to get into the country"

That’s what I have been saying. I don’t blame the immigrants and neither do the BNP. So how is this supposed to show us in a bad light Guardian man? If anything it shows us in a positive light.

In my seven months as a party member I heard very few racist epithets, and no anti-semitic comments.

Really? I thought we were racist Nazis who loved cooking the Jews for the summer barbecue?

Shortly after this, Sadie Graham, the BNP's Group Development Officer, writes from Nottingham to thank me for becoming the central London organiser and to offer advice. This includes the suggestion that I contact my "regional security officer" before holding any meetings.

The following week I receive an email with an encrypted attachment. Using the software from Nick, I open up the attachment to find it is an Excel spreadsheet listing 192 current and lapsed members living in the three central London boroughs, plus the north London boroughs of Camden and Islington. I am also sent a second list of people who have joined in the previous few months, or expressed an interest in joining.

They include dozens of company directors, computing entrepreneurs, bankers and estate agents, and a handful of teachers. One member is a former Miss England, another is the American chief executive of a City investment corporation, while one is a servant of the Queen, living at Buckingham Palace.

Who would have though we would have a former Miss England? It seems they are mentioning the well educated again. Are they deliberately trying to make us look better? It seems that way to me.

Thanks to The Guardian, they have only confirmed why I joined the BNP and why I will continue to support them. I am even going to email The Guardian thanking them for their hard work helping me to confirm why I support the BNP. You can do it too. Email them and thank them for all their hard work at their email address which is .


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Guardian declares BNP a normal party.

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Email gone! Could I please copy this into my blog with a referring link?

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yes of course.

Nikola said...

The poor journalist was so desperate to finish his mission after wasting more than a year of his life. He did so even though he had found almost nothing negative about the bnp!