Friday, 2 May 2008

BNP increase share of vote

It was a good night for the BNP who came within 58 votes of winning Rift House Ward.

In the 2007 elections Ronnie Bage received 17.4% of the vote and came third. This time Ronnie came second with 28.4% of the vote. With only 58 votes short it seems like we can win there next time.

Lil Sutheran Labour Party 499 elected
Ronnie Bage British National Party 442
Lynne Gillam Liberal Democrat 322
John Laffey Conservative Party 291

Marjorie James Labour Party 318 elected
Susan Homer Liberal Democrat 200
Gary Spence Conservative Party 80
Sarah Bage British National Party 70
Ronnie Whitlock UK Independence Party 68

BNP supporters should not be disappointed with the results. They should be encouraged by them as this is only the second time that we have stood in Rift House and the first time we have stood in Owton. The vote share also comes after determined opposition by anti BNP leafleters who leafleted the ward only a few days before the election.

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The Green Arrow said...

Well done Cleveland. We are all very proud of your efforts.