Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The story so far

In March Barry Towers stood as a candidate for the British National Party in a by election and gained around 11% of the vote. At the time he was employed as a steward by Middlesbrough Football Club. After finding out that Barry stood as for the BNP he was sacked for his involvement with us.

We have now decided that on Thursday May 15th at 11am we are going to stage a protest over the disgraceful treatment of Barry Towers. Unfortunately the area around the Boro stadium is private land and we have been banned from protesting there, however there is a pub called The Navigation which is about 1 minute walking distance from the ground. This is where the police are allowing us to meet and protest. The police will allow us to walk to the ground to deliver the petition but we won't be able to stay at the ground for long.

If you would like to know more information or you just wish to give Barry your support you can phone him on 07757267624.

You can still sign the petition here.

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