Monday, 4 August 2008

Arthur Kemp speaks at July meeting

Arthur Kemp was the guest speaker at our last meeting which attracted over 55 people and a collection of over £380.

At the Start of the meeting it was announced that James MacPherson has been promoted to Teesside organiser which now means that he holds two offices within the party – that of Regional Elections Officer and Teesside organiser.

After being announced as Teesside Organiser James MacPherson chaired the meeting and Barry Towers was the first speaker. He spoke about standing up for what he believed in and being sacked by Middlesbrough Football Club. Andy Harris and Adam Walker then gave short speeches. It was then up to Arthur Kemp to give a long speech starting with the Battle of Trafalgar and ending with what is happening now and what could happen in the future.

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Anti-gag said...

The 5% compromise is in fact no compromise at all, and I’m convinced that this 5% level was Griffin’s intention all along, because without a membership list it’s totally unachievable, and leaves him in the position of an unchallengeable dictator. Mr Griffin has no political ambition for the BNP at all, to him it’s simply a source of income. For the sake of our nation, and our people, he must be stopped.

We must be honest with ourselves now, the only we can save our nation (from being breed into oblivion) is by getting MP’s elected, then ask ourselves under Griffin’s leadership are we ever likely to achieve that? Mr Griffin does not want a serious political party, or even a party that grows much above 6 or 7 thousand members, simple because he’ll lose control of it. Last Sunday there was no opposition to Griffin, despite what people may think they saw at the EGM, all that was just another of Griffin’s cleaver road show again. Once again can I ask people to be honest and ask yourself if Collett would ever dare speak against Griffin, knowing that be doing so he was risking his position on the BNP’s gravy train, face it we were all set up!

We need a leader with management skills not a charismatic actor/conman. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but yesterday the BNP took one big step closer to becoming the Nick Griffin fan club.

Chris Hill