Sunday, 28 September 2008

BNP prepare for by elections

Teams of BNP activists have been busily leafleting in preparation for 2 coming by elections in Kirkleatham and South Bank.

Activists have found that they are getting lots of support especially in South Bank where people are coming up to our activists and thanking us for standing in their ward. South Bank seems especially supportive given that in the last election we won just over 17% of the vote in that ward. With a bit of extra effort we can win South Bank.

The prospect of the BNP making a breakthrough has sent shivers down the backs of the establishment causing Hope Note Hate to get their activists out spreading lies on glossy leaflets to the people of Kirkleatham. It is thought that Hope Note Hate will try to do the same in South Bank but it is unlikely that people in South Bank will listen.

The election in Kirkleatham is this Thursday but the election in South Bank will not be held then so we need anyone who can to help in South Bank where it looks like we can make a breakthrough.

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