Saturday, 1 May 2010

Teesside activists receive warm welcome

For over a week teams of BNP activists have been leafleting across Teesside and receiving a fantastic response from people who are sick of the old gang parties.

James Macpherson, Regional Elections Officer and parliamentary candidate for Stockton North said “we have been active in Stockton market. The response has been unbelievable. People are getting sick of Labour and many are telling us that they will vote for us.”

Kevin Broughton the parliamentary candidate for Redcar was delivering Voice of Freedom newspapers to houses in the Grangetown and Whale Hill areas. The response was good with some people putting BNP posters in their windows.

There have been reports of labour party activists leafleting outside of Netto supermarket in Whale Hill. To say they didn’t get a warm welcome would be a bit of an understatement.

Teesside BNP is fielding a full slate of candidates. This means if you live in Teesside you will have the chance to vote for us. The BNP candidates in your area are:

Stockton North: James Macpherson
Stockton South: Neil Sinclair
Redcar: Kevin Broughton
Middlesbrough: Michael Ferguson
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland: Shaun Gatley
Hartlepool: Ronnie Bage

I am also pleased to announce that Hartlepool BNP now have their own blog.

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