Sunday, 2 May 2010

A word from Michael Ferguson

I’m Michael Ferguson and have been a resident in Middlesbrough all my life and have served on my local Community Council. I am proud to be representing the British National Party in my home town.

As a former I.C.I. and railway worker I have experienced employment changes, hardship and even taken reduced salaries just to stay in employment like many other local people.

There has been a massive decline in industry on Teesside and why is that? It’s because we have never had local politicians that have stood up for the area and its people.

One of the main policies I will be focusing on will be ‘BRING OUR TROOPS HOME’. I have seen too many families in Middlesbrough and the UK losing loved ones as young as 18 for an illegal war which does not benefit us. I want to see every one of our troops come home to their families and not losing their lives just for oil.

I also want to stop immigration because of the abuse of our system from which immigrants benefit, without ever paying in. This includes the immediate access to all of our services ie. Hospitals, schools, housing and benefits whilst local families are suffering.

The following are the main policies the British National Party are contesting this election on.

• Support our troops - Bring our Troops Home
• British jobs for British Workers
• Stop Immigration - no amnesty for illegal immigrants and bogus/failed asylum seekers.
• Local people first for Housing, Schools and Public Services.
• Increase the Basic Pension to £150 (min)
• Withdraw from the European Union

On May 6th a vote for Michael Stewart Ferguson is a vote for the people of Middlesbrough.

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