Sunday, 2 May 2010

A word from James MacPherson

I'm James MacPherson, I'm 49 and work in adult education. I have a degree in politics, am a qualified college lecturer and was a captain in the Territorial Army. Born in Durham, apart from my education and when my career has taken me overseas, I've lived in the North East all of my life.

I was a Labour Party member, but the party no longer stands up for working people. All they do now is import workers and export jobs. The recent closure of Corus sums up the failure of the old parties to defend British industry. In the final analysis the strategic industries of these islands belongs in the hands of the British people.

Stockton, as with many towns in the NE is facing a massive demographic change in its population due to uncontrolled immigration and asylum seeking. Immigration is the key issue in this election, but it's an issue the establishment parties are afraid to address. A line in the sand has to be drawn, and only the BNP are prepared to draw that line.

Having worked in many parts of the world I genuinely enjoy the rich tapestry of mankind, in which each people have their own contribution to make. The British people are no different in that respect and have an equal right to a land of their own. On immigration, on Europe, on law and order, on issue after issue the old parties have failed to represent your views. I intend to represent those views.

Thank you for your support.

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